Monday, February 10, 2020

Review: Be Leaf Vegan Fried Egg!

My dad ordered me an early Valentine's Day gift from Vegan Essentials — a care package with Sjaak's Melk Truffles AND the new Be Leaf Vegan Fried Egg!!! 

I first saw this awesome yuba skin "egg" on Hillary's blog, My Cat Loves Daiya, and I knew I had to try it! Unfortunately, at $14.99 a package, this six-serving box of eggs isn't really practical as an everyday food item, but it makes a fun gift (especially when dad is buying!).

The eggs come pre-made from a mixture of non-GMO soybean protein, non-GMO soybean skin (yuba), pea fiber, pea starch, sunflower seed oil, yeast, sea salt, brown sugar, paprika extract, and carrot extract. The texture is eerily similar to a chicken egg. The yolk has a mouthfeel that's pretty much the exact same as a cooked egg yolk, rather than a runny one. The sides of the yuba skin get super crispy when fried in a skillet. They taste a little eggy, but I like to add black salt for maximum eggy-ness.

I've been enjoying these on their own with air-fried hash and toast.

And they're also amazing on sandwiches! When I was going vegan way back when, I had a much harder time giving up eggs than I did cheese. And that's because I loved a fried egg sandwich. Like more than pretty much anything in the world. So getting to enjoy a fried egg sandwich (this one has Chao cheese, vegan mayo, and spinach) again was life-changing. 

This morning, I had a vegan fried egg with Chao cheese and mayo on a LuLu's English muffin (scored from the CY Farmers Market this past weekend).

The eggs come frozen, and you have to thaw the entire package to use them since they're stacked together in the box. But I put three eggs back into the freezer to hoard for later! I'll be sad when they're gone!


Cadry's Kitchen said...

How fun!! I'd love to try these sometime. Have you seen Isa's recipe for vegan fried egg? It looks pretty convincing! I haven't tried it yet. Eggy tofu is so easy.

Hillary said...

It looks so realistic, especially in the sandwich!
Thanks for reviewing this, it's nice to know that it's worth the splurge if I ever want to treat myself! I used to love a good egg sandwich!

Susan said...

We have vegan fried eggs here that look similar but are a different brand (one of the Asian vegan food brands). I have never bought them for home, but have had them in a breakfast muffin when eating out a few times.