Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Brekky Sandwiches! Donuts! Indian Food!

On Sunday, my friends from LuLu's hosted a pop-up brunch at the cafe at Crosstown Arts. They had three options — a brekky sandwich, a brekky fried rice bowl, and a brekky plate. I opted for the Brekky Sandwich on their fresh-baked English muffin with tofu egg, beet blackeyed pea sausage, and cashew cheese. Served with a side salad with butter lettuce, smoky pecans, and tahini.

Speaking of LuLu's, I also went by their CY Farmers Market booth on Saturday morning and picked up a Baby Foccacia, which I enjoyed after my 15-mile run! Perfect post-run carbs with a side salad.

I also grabbed a Chocolate Cherry Biscotti from LuLu's. I had this with some herbal tea while watching the Oscars on Sunday. Chocolately cherry crunchy goodness!

Donuts!! My co-worker Lily surprised us at work with more vegan donuts from her company, Darling Donuts, last week!! I had half a glazed and a half a maple stick. There is nothing I love more than a good donut. NOTHING.

And finally, here's some yummy Indian food! I met my friends Mike and Andy for dinner at India Palace on Friday night. I got the Turka Daal (made with yellow split peas) and enjoyed that with basmati rice and pappadum. The crispy pappadum, dipped into tamarind chutney and mint chutney, is my favorite part of any North Indian meal.


Hillary said...

Chocolate cherry biscotti sounds so delicious, especially with a cup of tea!
I really, really need to try a vegan doughnut sometime. Like I've really been missing out!

Susan said...

Lulu's just keeps coming up with the goods!
Interesting to see that they were called 'brekky', I haven't heard anywhere outside of Australia shorten breakfast like that.