Thursday, February 6, 2020

Burritos and GGB Bowls!

We're coming to the end of the first week off the Health Made Simple meal plan, and I'm feeling great. I'm still focusing on whole foods, but I'm making more space for treats and the occasional processed foods. I'm also still having smoothies for breakfast, fruit for afternoon snacks, and salads before dinner.

On Monday night, my first day back to "real life" eating, I met up with a few friends at Moe's Southwest Grill (the burrito chain) for Veggie Tofu Burritos! I had a race orientation that night for the 50K I'm running in March, so I pretty much just ordered with the friends, and then I had to eat in the car on the drive to my event. But this massive burrito with tofu, black beans, brown rice, corn salsa, peppers, onions, mushrooms, and guac was portable for car eating.

On Tuesday night, I made one of the Health Made Simple recipes I didn't get to make on the plan — Tempeh Rice Gumbo. This isn't real gumbo because you need a roux for that, but since this is oil-free, a roux wasn't possible. But it's still really good with gumbo flavors (from file and paprika)! I made it in my new Instant Pot, and it has brown rice, tempeh bacon, bell pepper, spinach, and tomatoes.

On Wednesday night, I made a fun spin on the GGB Bowl (that stands for grain/green/bean). You can make a GGB bowl with any grain, any green, and any bean. For this, I used whole wheat pasta as the grain, sauteed kale and broccoli for the greens, and chickpeas for the bean. I topped it with the leftover butternut squash cheese sauce from last week's mac and cheese.


Hillary said...

I want that burrito!! I haven't been able to find gluten free burrito sized tortillas.
It definitely looks like you have found a perfect balance!

Susan said...

That looks like a huge delicious burrito!
Also that bowl is perfection. I love GGB bowls!

Jennifer said...

haha reading your gumbo comment made me think of my Aunt who was going on about following recipes. And was talking about how if you make a roux with oil not butter it isn't really gumbo. I politely nodded and didn't smack her in the face lol She is a little..... um.... not a family fav (TLDR she totes supports Trump and think she is a great Christian) o_______o It is easier to focus all that anger into the pious cooking views lol

janna said...

Mission makes some pretty good wheat free tortillas that are in the regular tortilla aisle at Kroger. They're expensive, but having developed an adult--onset wheat allergy myself, it's pretty awesome to eat burritos again