Thursday, January 2, 2020

Random Meal Round-Up!

On January 6, I'm starting another round of Health Made Simple, the whole food, plant-based meal plan from No Meat Athlete. So I wanted to unload a bunch of random meal pics before I start dedicating my posts to healthy eating.

Here's a delicious Tofu Shiitake Bacon Quiche from LuLu's at the Cooper-Young Farmers Market. Tastiest quiche I've ever eaten!

To celebrate Yule on December 21, I made a few recipes from the Sabbats Almanac. These Cranberry Bacon Toasts were so tasty. They have a base of vegan cream cheese with chopped veggie bacon, scallions, and dried cranberries.

I also made some Almond Butter Bon Bons from that book. These simple balls are made with almond butter, maple, and almond flour and then coated in chocolate. I gave some as gifts and ate the rest!

Since I knew I'd be starting a healthy eating plan soon, I made it a point to order some greasy Vegan Mozzarella Sticks from Imagine Vegan Cafe recently. This, plus a side salad, was my dinner that night. So not healthy but oh so tasty.

Here's a bowl of leftover Falafel and Pita from Casablanca, enjoyed atop a salad with hummus.

I had some leftover Tofurky ham from Christmas, so I've been using it in vegan Hot Ham & Cheese Sandwiches (basically a grilled cheese with ham), served alongside Smoky Tomato Soup from my freezer.

I used up some of the leftover Just Egg from Christmas to make a Vegan McGriddle! This has Just Egg, Smart Bacon, and Daiya on two mini maple-y pancakes! Perfect lazy holiday week breakfast.

And I finished off the Just Egg bottle with a giant Vegan Denver Omelet with Tofurky ham, Daiya, bell pepper, and onion. Incredible! Just Egg makes the best omelets.

Paul and I met our friends Jen and Simon for dinner at Pho Binh one day last week, and we all ordered the Tofu Vermicelli. It feature fried tofu strips atop a cold salad of rice noodles with cucumber and carrots. It comes served with fish sauce, but we subbed out peanut sauce.

My friend Greg came to Memphis to visit for New Years Eve, so we went back to Pho Binh with him for their famous lunch buffet. Here's my first plate with lemongrass tofu, bean sprout tofu, and veggie soup. Of course, I went back for a couple more plates because buffet.

Paul and I made Spaghetti & Vegan Meatballs one night last week. As always, Paul cooked the mushrooms, and I made the from-scratch marinara.

And finally, here's a tasty Yogurt & Granola Bowl made with my holiday gift from Jen & Simon — homemade yogurt! Plus, dark chocolate granola, coconut clusters, and fresh apple chunks.


Hillary said...

Yum. mozzarella sticks and a salad sound like a perfect dinner!! And grilled cheese and tomato soup will always be a classic.
I never got to try the tofurky ham. It came out after I learned I need to avoid gluten. But I used to love to add the deli slices to grilled cheese!!
Happy New Year!!

Susan said...

Everything looks amazing. The quiche! The toasts! The pancake sandwich thing! I could eat it all.