Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Health Made Simple for Athletes, Day 2

Tuesday was my second day on Health Made Simple, a four-week whole food, plant-based meal plan from No Meat Athlete. I'd planned a five-mile run first thing in the morning and set my alarm for my usual 4:45 am. But I somehow didn't hear it going off for TWO HOURS. Not even sure how that happened, but I woke naturally at 6:45 am. Crap. Not too late for work but too late for a morning run, so I had to move my run to the evening. On the bright side, I got 9.5 hours of sleep so there's that!

I skipped my plan pre- and post-workout meals and just had this Blueberry Peach Smoothie (blueberry, peach, banana, spinach, walnut) with some added soy yogurt and soymilk for protein.

Morning snack was Whole Wheat Crackers with Almond Butter. I got the Wasa multigrain crackers because they're made with good stuff and are oil-free. I'm not completely eschewing oil on this plan, but I'm definitely limiting it where I can. I had this right before my Tuesday mid-morning yoga class! They have 11 am yoga at the YMCA in my building, and I'm going to start going over my lunch break on a regular basis again. More yoga is a goal for 2020.

Lunch was leftover Hearty Chickpea Pasta Soup. I had two bowls full at my desk while catching up on emails.

Afternoon snack with another fruit bowl with flax. This one had green apple, blackberries, and strawberries.

I also snacked on two medjool dates right before leaving the office since I was planning to run right after work. Dates are one of the suggested pre-workout snacks on the plan. And then after a 5-mile run, I enjoyed a post-workout banana for carbs. I'm eating so much fruit on this plan!

Dinner was BBQ Tempeh Tacos and salad with goddess dressing. This was one of my faves the last time I did Health Made Simple. It's so easy — just saute tempeh with BBQ sauce and scoop into corn tortillas with pineapple, red cabbage, cilantro, and jalapeno!


Hillary said...

I love the idea of sprinkling flax on a fruit salad. I'm definitely going to try that!
I love your plate too, it's so bright pretty!!

KathyD said...

You must have really needed that sleep. Kudos to you for getting in a run later in the day.
P.S. That smoothie looks good.