Monday, January 6, 2020

Doughnuts! Reubens! Tofu Eggs!

Today, I started the No Meat Athlete Health Made Simple Athlete's Plan. It's a whole food, plant-based meal plan that's low on oil and low on processed foods. I've done it before (and blogged about it), so you'll likely see some repeat meals this month. But I needed a reset! I've been pretty much living on homemade Chex mix and cookies since late November.

Tomorrow, I'll share a full day's worth of Health Made Simple meals, but today, I wanted to wrap up a few random meal pics from the weekend. Let's start with this beautiful Banana Donut! My co-worker Lily makes and sells vegan donuts through her company, Darling Donuts Memphis. And now Imagine Vegan Cafe is selling them on Sundays! I stopped in yesterday for one last sweet treat. These are deep-fried and super-sweet!

On Friday night, Greg and I met up with friends Nicole and Vaughan for dinner at Imagine Vegan Cafe, and I got one of my faves — the super-sloppy Vegan Reuben with Steamed Broccoli. This sandwich is stuffed with vegan deli slices, kraut, and loads of Imagine's homemade vegan cheesy sauce.

And finally, here's a random breakfast from Friday (I think). I made some Tofu Eggs using The Vegg powder and served them atop buttered whole wheat toast. On the side, I had some plain vegan Soy Yogurt with Maple. My friend Jennifer gifted me with some of her homemade unsweetened soy yogurt for Christmas, and I've been enjoying it all kinds of ways.


Susan said...

All the yums!

Hillary said...

I always love your January posts!!
ou always make healthy food look really delicious!

bkj said...

Do you just mix up some loose Just Egg and coat the tofu slabs or do you add anything? Love the idea of stretching the Just Eggs further! Thanks:)