Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Some Things I Ate Today, Some Things I Didn't

It's Day 2 of the Health Made Simple challenge from No Meat Athlete. It's an 8-week reset with a focus on small steps. And this first week, the only change in what we're eating is to our breakfasts. It's smoothies every week day and a heartier (but whole foods-based) breakfast on Saturday and Sunday.

This morning, I started with my pre-workout snack — an ABC (almond butter cocoa) Bar from Trader Joe's. I'm trying to eat all my sugary, not-as-whole foods-based snack bars before the real meal plan launches in two weeks. Then I went to Les Mills Body Pump at the YMCA in Crosstown Concourse.

After my workout, I had this Blueberry Peach Smoothie with blueberries, peaches, banana, spinach, and walnuts. For now, I'm following the recipes, so this doesn't have protein powder, but the program offers an "ask a nutritionist" feature, and I emailed them about how to handle these smoothies when they're enjoyed post-workout. I might be adding protein powder in the future! We'll see what they say!

My morning snack was Vegan Dream Cowgirl Jerky — a wheat gluten/soy-based jerky. Again, trying to eat up my processed stuff before the meal plan starts! And I knew I needed something high-protein to satisfy me through mid-morning yoga class at the Y (it's in my office building so I like to take my lunch break and do yoga!).

Lunch was Veggie Gumbo with Brown Rice. My friend Susan made a batch of gumbo this weekend and left me a serving on my porch! So I cooked up some brown rice and brought that for lunch today. Wholesome and delicious!

Since the meal plan hasn't started yet, I'm really hoping to get my fill of stuff I don't want to eat on the plan. Like this Vegan Caramel Sticky Bun baked by our Crosstown Arts Cafe baker Ali. She made these this morning, and I COULD NOT RESIST. But I was a good girl and split it with a few co-workers.

Dinner was Pumpkin Pasta with homemade seitan sausage. But I'm saving that picture and recipe for another Explore Cuisine post next week! So I'll share that soon!

Okay, now for some stuff that I didn't eat today. Here's a Veggie Sausage & Roasted Veggie Bowl I LOVED last week. It has sauteed Beyond Sausage with air-fried broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower over quinoa with a hummus-nooch sauce (I just mixed hummus and nooch together and drizzled!).

On Saturday, before heading to Mid-South Pride on Beale Street, I scarfed down some Field Roast Mini Corn Dogs. Not a proper lunch, but I pretty much grazed all day Saturday. Made a maple-Dijon for dipping.

And finally, I'll leave you with this thing of beauty. This past Sunday was Don & Kenzie's third Lulu's Baked pop-up brunch at Fuel. And this time, Don was serving Breakfast Torta with scrambled tofu, fermented tomatillo, oyster mushrooms, rancho gordo beans, and avo aioli. All on his handcrafted sourdough. AMAZING.


Sarah said...

Oooh everything looks great! I love the ABC bars from Trader Joe's and that smoothie looks great! I love how this reset lets you ease into the meal plan, I feel like that sets you up for success. That caramel sticky bun looks soooooooo good!

vegan peace said...

I need that torta in my life!

Unknown said...

I am loving those ABC bars too! They’re so tasty and not overly sweet. My understanding is that protein supplement isn’t necessary after a workout unless it’s an hour or more with heavy lifting, although obviously everyone who puts protein powder in their smoothie has a different reason for it- if you like the taste and it keeps you full longer then why not
What a great friend to leave you gumbo :)) and my gosh that sandwich ....! What a great combo of ingredients in there