Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Health Made Simple Day 9 + Weekend Eats

This morning on the Health Made Simple meal plan started with a Larabar Fruit & Greens bar as my pre-workout snack and a bowl of white rice with soy sauce and sesame seeds just after my workout. Today, that workout was 30 minutes on the elliptical and about 30 minutes on the weight machines (god, I can't wait to run again!).

One of things I'm learning on Health Made Simple is that I don't need nearly as much protein as I was getting before in post-workout. They actually recommend an easy digesting carb-heavy snack, like white rice or a banana, immediately after a workout and something with a bit of protein about an hour later. So I'm following that plan. That hour-later meal was my meal plan breakfast (enjoyed around 8 am) of a Banana Walnut Smoothie. And coffee of course!

Loved this smoothie! It just has 2.5 bananas, 1/8th cup walnuts, and water. That's it! And it tastes just like bananas and walnuts. Simple and delish. Love all the fruit on this plan!

As I mentioned yesterday, it's snack week on HMS, so we're adding in healthy snacks (and still eating whatever we want for lunch or dinner). Today's morning snack was Veggies and Tahini Dressing (a homemade dip made from tahini, herbs, lemon, and soy sauce).

Lunch was leftovers, and my afternoon snack was another fruit bowl (that looked very much like yesterday's bowl).

Dinner was a Seitan Steak & Cheese (using The BE-Hive's Vegan Seitan Deli Slices) on whole wheat with Violife Smoked Provolone, sauteed mushrooms, and sprouts. Side of air-fried sweet potato fries.

And while I'm trying to limit dessert on the plan, I'm certainly not giving it up. My friend Susan left me a lovely Muddy's Bake Shop Peanut Butter Bar on my porch on Sunday. I saved half for tonight. Enjoyed while watching the live Health Made Simple Q&A "healthcast" with Sid Garza-Hillman.

Here are some other things I ate over the weekend that I haven't had a chance to share yet. There's this Seitan Deli Sandwich with smoked Violife provolone, sprouts, tomato, and chipotle mayo on a locally baked Lucy J's Bakery demi-baguette. Trying to get in some white bread before the full meal plan starts next week!

Over the weekend, Crosstown Brewing Co. hosted Crosstoberfest, and I had a few Oktoberfest-style beers, plus this Veggie Dog (only $2 y'all!).

But that veggie dog didn't fill me up. Thought about getting another, but my friend/co-worker Rich was selling $2 BBQ Veggie Tacos at the event too. So I got one of those instead. This had smoked kale, smoked BBQ mushrooms, and vegan slaw. Very messy, but very good. Rich runs Hi-B-Que at the HiTone (a smoked BBQ trailer), and he makes the best smoked veggies!


vegan peace said...

Treats on the porch, what a great surprise, especially chocolate and peanut butter!

Sarah said...

A banana walnut smoothie sounds delicious! That Seitan Steak and Cheese sandwich looks seriously incredible! That is so sweet of Susan to leave you a treat! It looks so yummy, what a wonderful surprise :)

Unknown said...

Oooh, smoked bbq mushrooms in that taco sound so good! I just can’t be trusted with a hard shell taco, total distaster at first bite....
the pre workout/post workout recommendations are interesting. I need a little something before working out but often afterwards I don’t want anything for another hour or two when i’ll just have my usual protein/carb breakfast.
I like how the smoothies include nuts! Do the walnuts blend well or still have a kind of gritty texture? I don’t have a vitamix...