Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Health Made Simple, Day 29

Day 29 on Health Made Simple (hard to believe I've been doing a meal plan for 29 days now!!!) was just perfect! I'd planned on getting up early and going on a neighborhood walk as my daily workout. But when my alarm went off, I just wasn't ready to get up. So I changed my wakeup time to 6 am and slept in!

I rarely ever do that, but it feels so good when I listen to my body and respect how much sleep it needs. Needless to say, I felt well-rested when I finally got up and enjoyed this Mango Jalapeno Smoothie (mango, banana, jalapeno, and walnuts). Love that little hint of spice!

Morning snack was Bell Peppers and Cashew Ranch.

And lunch was leftover Sweet Potato & Chickpea Curry, enjoyed while working at my desk. Mondays are very busy at work so I typically work straight through lunch.

Afternoon snack was another awesome fruit bowl. This one has blackberries, clementines, and banana.

I did finally get that walk in after work. Paul and Maynard joined me. We walked for about 45 minutes (in my new trail running shoes!! I should be back to running very soon!). Maynard is terrible on a leash and pulls the whole time, but he certainly enjoyed his extra-long walk (our usual dog walks are more, like 10-15 minutes).

When we got back, I made a quick salad with romaine, cherry tomato, cucumber, red cabbage, and toasted pumpkin seeds (made from our jack-o-lantern) with a teensy bit of olive oil and some balsamic vinegar. Matt from No Meat Athlete/Health Made Simple recommends having a salad every night as a snack while you're preparing dinner. Such a great idea!

As I snacked on that salad, I prepped the tofu and veggies for my Buffalo Tofu Ranch Wrap. In case you're wondering, Paul made a pizza for himself.

This HMS recipe has baked tofu, cashew ranch, hot sauce, celery, cherry tomato, romaine, and pickled onion. Seriously so good. This recipe is definitely a keeper!

I got a chocolate craving after dinner, as we were watching Netflix. So I had my last Skinny South Strawberry Truffle. These are locally made cacao truffles sweetened with stevia. Only 25 calories! And very tasty.


vegan peace said...

That salad looks delicious. What a great idea to have a salad as a snack!
I always love seeing sweet Maynard!! Hi Paul!

Sarah said...

Aww Maynard!!! I still love his name ;) I would never think to add jalapeƱo to a smoothie but that sounds really good! The wrap looks delicious. I'm glad you listened to your body and slept in a little. Those are always the best days!

vegan1 said...

Is the cashew ranch a recipe you can share or is it from the plan? Thanks!