Thursday, October 18, 2018

Health Made Simple, Day 17

Yesterday on Health Made Simple was pretty great! The day began with a Strawberry Raspberry Smoothie (with spinach, banana, and walnuts) — the same smoothie I had on Monday morning.

My morning snack was a Fruit Bowl with strawberries, grapes, and a nectarine. Really thriving on this fruit/nuts only thing til noon! I could totally do this high-carb, low fat vegan thing.

Lunch was the last of my Hearty Chickpea Pasta Soup with whole wheat elbow mac and kale. Eaten at my desk while I caught up on the work I missed from taking off Tuesday for my birthday.

I had yoga right after work, so I snacked on Whole Wheat Crackers and Celery with Raw Almond Butter.

And then dinner was a super-delicious meal of BBQ Tempeh Tacos! The tempeh is fried (no oil) with some BBQ sauce and soy sauce. Served atop corn tortillas with pineapple, cilantro, scallion, and jalapeno. The recipe on Health Made Simple suggested a low-sugar BBQ sauce, but I just used what I had on-hand. Also had a side salad (as prescribed with every dinner on HMS).

I'll check back in after the weekend! I do have one fun, non-HMS meal planned for a family birthday dinner.


Unknown said...

Love the smoothie quality control supervisor ;)) celery and nut butter is the best snack!! One of the few from childhood that I didn’t get sick of. With all the great apples at the farmers market lately i’ve been having an apple and nut butter for a snack, such a great combo!
Love your dinner plate, that’s such a gorgeous fun print. And of course those tacos sound fantastic. Have fun at birthday dinner #2!

vegan peace said...

I agree, I love your smoothie snoopervisor!
The tempeh tacos sound great, love the idea of using BBQ sauce!

Sarah said...

What a great day of eating! That soup looks so delicious and perfect for these chilly days. I see a lot more soup in my future ;) The tacos look perfect!! I agree with everyone above, your smoothie supervisor is too cute!!!