Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Stuff I Ate

Tofu scramble is seriously one of my all-time favorite breakfasts and yet I so rarely make it. WHYYY???? IT'S SO EASY. Anyway, I fixed that last week with a batch of the Cheesy Tofu Scramble from Cookin' Crunk (which isn't really cheesy, but more noochy). I added mushrooms, bell pepper, and carrots. Served with flax & chia toast with Crofter's Superfruit Jam & Earth Balance. Side of local white peach.

My co-worker Madelyn and I had lunch at Irie Vegan Kitchen last week. That's my friends Nigel and Andrea's vegan lunch club. They cook in their home and serve lunch. She got a Philly crepe, and I went with the BBQ Smoked Sausage Sandwich and Garlic Kale. Mmmmm mmmm!

Here's a random bowl that I brought to work for lunch one day when I knew I wouldn't have time to walk home for lunch. Quinoa, Soy Curls, squash, okra, and tahini sauce. I seasoned the Soy Curls and veggies with a yummy mushroom salt that my friend Susan gave me. The lighting in our breakroom is terrible for food photos because the walls are HOT PINK.

I made that big batch of veggie soup last week, and I had some one day with a fresh Heirloom Tomato & Mayo Sandwich. I got heirlooms in my CSA, and the best way to enjoy these is as simply as possible. Anyone else love tomato & mayo sandwiches?

I tried Low Fi Coffee on South Main for the first time last week. Ordered a Matcha Cappuccino and WOW! Amazing. They're a sweetener-free coffee shop, so this was unadorned and just perfect. Plus, they use a super-creamy oat milk base.

I got okra in my CSA last week (and every week for the past several weeks!) so I made some Air-Fried Okra to go with a frozen veggie burger (made with lentils and walnuts). In the past, I've breaded my air-fried okra, but this time, I just lightly oiled and salted the whole pods. I loved the texture! It made the okra soft and crisp at the same time without all the sliminess you get from boiling.


Barb said...

Tofu scramble is one of my favorite DINNERS! :)

Sarah said...

Oooh yum, it all looks so good! your tofu scramble looks amazing and I totally agree… it's so easy I don't know why I don't make it more often either! The matcha cappuccino is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm, love me some mater and mayo sandwiches!


Anonymous said...

Have you ever read "Harriet the Spy?" Whenever someone talks about eating a tomato sandwich I think of that book- Harriet refused to eat anything other than a tomato sandwich for lunch, every single day.

Unknown said...

I looovvee tofu scramble with lots of nooch and mushrooms! I make it for dinner more than breakfast but it’s good anytime....
hot pink walls in the breakroom sound fun!! Better than indutrial poo color.
I do open faced tomato toast with a tiny bit of mayo (not my fav), some dijon (love) thick slices of tomato and a sprinkle of kosher salt. The epitome of summer!

Jennifer said...

The people at my CSA recommended doing something similar to okra. They suggested to just slice in half and bake it. I haven't tried it though because you know, it's hot and I don't want to turn on my oven lol