Thursday, August 2, 2018

And Some More Stuff I Ate

This month, Memphis Vegan Drinks celebrated five years of meeting up every single month for cocktails and dinner at vegan-friendly restaurants. And what better way to celebrate than with sushi? We met at Sekisui Midtown on Tuesday night, and I started with the happy hour 2-for-1 sake and a House Salad.

And that was followed by the DJ Qualls Roll (stuffed with tempura battered veggies), an Avocado Roll, and Tofu Inari (my fave!).

Here's a No Meat Athlete Lentil-Walnut Burger with a side of Airfried Okra. I had these burgers in my freezer, so I made one on Monday night for myself, while Paul enjoyed a not-as-healthy Beyond Burger. I love Beyond Burgers, but sometimes the body craves whole foods! 

Speaking of okra, I've been getting a ton of this stuff in my CSAs lately. I also used some in the Summer's Bounty Vegetable Soup from Cookin' Crunk — a recipe I hadn't made in years! This is prepared in the Crockpot and has potatoes, okra, corn, carrots, purple hull peas, squash, onions, celery, tomatoes, garlic, and fresh basil. It's sooooo good and a great way to use up summer produce. I made a ton, and I've been eating some daily with Vegan Grilled Cheeses (made with Chao cheese and sliced tomato!).

Oat bowls! Here's a bowl of Savory Oats that I had on Sunday morning before a 3-mile hike. This has steel cut oats, nooch, sriracha, tofu, kale, sesame seeds, and mushrooms.

And here's a bowl of Steel Cut Oats with Cashew Butter, Peaches, and Hemp Hearts. So good!

Have a great weekend! I've got more random meal pics left, so I'll share some more next week!


vegan peace said...

I discovered a little branch of the library in a new area the other day and I went in to check it out.Pardon the pun! Anyway I saw The No Meat Athlete cookbook an I had to get it! I've got three recipes bookmarked so far. I already made one.
I have to get brave and try savory oatmeal sometime. I don't know why I'm so scare of it!!!

Sarah said...

Whoa, that sushi dinner looks incredible!! Tofu Inari is my favorite too and I have such a hard time finding it!! I don't know why but no restaurants near me make it! I have been searching for a while and I vow to find some, especially after seeing yours! Your sweet and savory oats look amazing and that grilled cheese and soup!!! yum!!!

Unknown said...

That’s really awesome your group has been meeting regularly for five years- and what a great way to celebrate. I have tried many different recipes to duplicate that amazing salad dressing they use on the basic house salad like yours and never mastered it! Do you have a favorite recipe?
The sushi all looks delicious....
grilled cheese and veg soup looks great, i lovebig chunks in the veg soup like that.