Wednesday, August 8, 2018

More Stuff I Ate

Mama Gaia — the vegetarian restaurant in Crosstown Concourse — has a few new menu items, so I popped in for lunch yesterday to try a couple. This is the Memphia Burger — housemade veggie patty with BBQ sauce & slaw — and Potato Tokens. They previously had potato wedges, but these are better. They're crisper. So good! Also, just FYI Memphis friends, Mama Gaia's Concourse location has new hours. They're now open for lunch only, 10:30 am-3 pm Monday-Friday and 11 am-3 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Have we talked about how much I love tahini? Well, I do. I love it on bowls, like this one with quinoa, Tofurky sausage, okra, squash, bell pepper, and mushrooms. I made a tahini sauce by mixing tahini with a little Better Than Bouillon Roasted Garlic paste.

I got heirloom tomatoes and basil in a recent CSA, so you know what that means? Caprese Salad! Only problem — there's nowhere in Memphis to buy Miyoko's Creamery Vegan Mozz. Thankfully, I found some at the Little Rock Whole Foods this past weekend. I've been enjoying these yummy salads all week.

I also grabbed some of Whole Foods' Vegan Buffalo Chicken Salad in Little Rock. I love this stuff, and their deli sells it. But our Memphis Whole Foods doesn't have it. I always grab some when I'm there. It's made with soy chicken, and it's fantastic. Perfect atop fresh CSA salad greens with CSA cucumber and Just For All Vegan Ranch.


Susan said...

Oooh, the potato tokens sound great! I love all the ways you can make potatoes crispy.

vegan peace said...

That Caprese salad looks really amazing. The tomatoes are absolutely gorgeous!! I love tahini too. I remember I used to think it was bitter and now I just can't get enough!!

Sarah said...

Oh wow! Yum! The caprese salad and burger/potato tokens look especially delicious! Definitely some great meals happening here!

Unknown said...

That caprese sounds so good! I have been making israeli salad lately with some added chickpeas or edamame as a quick meal or big snack.
Tahini is totally magic sauce! I love it in tahini miso dressing, actually have a batch i made in the fridge now