Monday, August 13, 2018

Lulu's Pop-Up Vegan Brunch

My friends Don and Kenzie hosted a pop-up vegan brunch this weekend at Fuel Cafe (where Don is employed as a pizza chef). Fuel hasn't been open for regular brunch in a couple years, but they used to have a stellar vegan brunch. So it was awesome getting to spend my sacred Sunday Funday meal there this week.

Don handled the food, while Kenzie waited tables (and juiced a very large, very tasty watermelon). Don used to run a booth — called Lulu's Baked — at the Cooper Young Farmers Market, where he sold handcrafted breads, cookies, and cashew cheeses. Everything Don makes is amazing, and he's a master of all things sourdough. So we were pleased to see plenty of sourdough selections on the menu. Every single item offered was handmade and artisan AF.

I met Pam, Jen & Simon, and Melissa & Anthony there at 11 am, and our fellow Vegan Drinker Steven showed up and grabbed a seat at our table. Most of us started with Kenzie's Fresh Watermelon Juice. I brought my own vodka to spike drinks since they weren't serving booze at the pop-up, but I was the only one who actually spiked my drink. Weird, I know. Wasn't brunch invented as an excuse to drink at breakfast?

For my meal, I chose the Brekky Sandwich — two slices of Don's sourdough with tofu egg, blackeyed pea sausage, crispy potatoes, cashew cheddar, and plum jam. Delightfully brown and full of flavor! I loved the massive slabs of soft sourdough, and the herbed pea sausage. So good! Steven got one too.

Simon, who is British, ordered the Full English, of course! Pam and Anthony ordered that as well.  Blackeyed Pea Sausage, Tofu Scramble, Hash Browns, Mushroom Bacon, and Roasted Tomato & Mushrooms. Not pictured: the big slab of sourdough and jam on the side.

And Jen and Melissa both opted for the Sourdough Pancakes with Fresh Peaches.

I wish someone had ordered the French toast (also made from sourdough) so I could have shared pics! Everything was so amazing, and if Don/Kenzie (aka Lulu's) hosts another pop-up, I'm so there.


vegan peace said...

I swear you have the best friends and food adventures! I remember reading about Don's cashew cheese at the farmers market! I'm glad things are going well for him!
I have never heard of black eyed pea sausage but it sounds amazing!!

Sarah said...

I'm with Hillary, you have the best foodie friends and experiences! It is always inspiring to me as I am working on coming out of my shell and making new connections. The food all looks so amazing!! That breakfast sandwich is a masterpiece!

Melbam said...

I had a beer after brunch if that counts ... lol

Unknown said...

The very definition of brunch is a big indulgent meal with a cocktail! I’ve been making a lot of watermelon juice myself lately, it’s so refreshing. All of those options sound delicious! You’re so lucky to have so many vegan friends and local vegan choices

Susan said...

This looks so amazing! I always coveted your purchases from Lulu's, and these brunch options look delightful.