Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Banh Mi! Galette! Burrito!

Lulu's Food hosted another vegan pop-up brunch this past Sunday at Fuel Cafe. The theme this time was sandwiches! Don made homemade bagels and did a vegan carrot lox & bagel sandwich thing, and he also made Breakfast Banh Mis. As much as I love a bagel, I cannot resist a banh mi!

Don's homemade baguettes were stuffed with tofu scramble, mushroom pecan pate, harissa, and pickled carrots — all made-in-house. Served with roasted potatoes. Sooooooo good.

But before I ate that around 11:30 am on Sunday, I had this tasty slice of Avocado Toast with a side of fresh berries. First breakfast to tide me over. I topped the toast with sriracha and Spice Hunter Bagel Crunch, a knock-off of TJ's Everything But the Bagel. It's good, but it's salt-free so it's not as good as the original.

I've been eating a lot of Black Bean & Brown Rice Burritos lately! I'm using the oil-free refried black beans from the No Meat Athlete Cookbook (which I made a few weeks ago and froze some) with brown rice and various fillings. This one, enjoyed in the dark yesterday because my power was out (thanks to a transformer blowing up!), has beans and rice, steamed potato, vegan cheddar, salsa, and lettuce. Luckily, when the power goes out, I can still cook on my gas stove. It came back on around 8 pm last night (after being off for 12 hours!).

And I've saved the best for last! Ali, our baker at the cafe at Crosstown Arts, made these amazing Black Sesame & Almond, Mixed Citrus, and Blueberry Galettes this morning. I wasn't sure how I'd feel about the sesame seed in there, but I could not resist those flaky layers. And turns out the sesame was a perfect complement to the sweet fruit filling. Was planning to split with a co-worker, but I decided it was too good to share.


Sarah said...

OMG yum!! That banh mi looks incredible and does everything else. The burrito fillings sound seriously perfect, that is my ideal burrito! The galette is gorgeous and I bet so so delicious. I am totally living vicariously through you.

Unknown said...

Those brunches always make me so envious! The mushroom pate is such a great idea for bahn mi- i make a mushroom walnut lentil one that i never would have thought to use on a sandwich.
Glad your power wasn’t out too long, that’s not fun.
That pastry chef is so talented it’s baffling that everything is vegan too- which isn’t easy when baking!

Susan said...

That banh mi looks so good! I wish I could go to a Lulu's brunch one day. Perhaps you could suggest that they write a recipe book? But maybe they don't want to give all their secrets away. I guess I just have to visit!