Monday, July 31, 2017

Stuff I Ate

Here are a few random meals I've eaten over the past week. We'll start with breakfast — an obvious place to start, right? I'd gone to Midtown Crossing Grill for brunch last Sunday and had a leftover Biscuit with Gravy, so I had that for breakfast Monday with some Scrambled Vegan Egg (using the Follow Your Heart Vegan Egg).

Protein smoothies are always a staple in my life, and I have them after most runs. I usually just drink my smoothies, but I found some Nature's Path Coconut Cashew Butter Granola on sale at Kroger so I used some to make a smoothie bowl. This Mango Lassi Smoothie had Vega One Vanilla Chai protein powder, Silk Vanilla Almond Yogurt, frozen mango, and almond milk.

I tried to order the now-discontinued Dark Chocolate Raspberry FitQuick Protein Waffle mix a few months ago from Vegan Proteins, but I was informed that their supply was all gone. Sadness. But thankfully, I recently discovered that FitQuick creator/New Ethic gym owner Holly Noll had a few bags left in her supply at the gym! Woo hoo! I ordered one of eight remaining bags, and it arrived last week. I had this Dark Chocolate Raspberry Protein Waffle with Chocolate Sesame Tahini & fresh Raspberries after a run one day.

On the last Wednesday of each month, our office brings in food, and we have a big staff meeting/birthday party (to celebrate all the birthdays of the previous month). Last Wednesday, we had Greek Hummus Flatbread and Salad from Midtown Crossing Grill. Yay for my vegan-friendly office!

Paul and I stopped by Crazy Noodle last Sunday night so he could grab dinner (and I could use wifi because ours was out). I just drank beer that night because I'd already eaten, but he had the Tofu Noodle Soup. He didn't finish it and accidentally left it behind when he drove to Nashville the next day. So guess what I had for dinner Monday night?

Here's a random work day lunch — frozen Red's Bean & Rice Burrito with a Salad from the Curb Market salad bar.

I met Pam for lunch at Mama Gaia on Friday. We both got the Asia Pita (sesame-crusted tofu with Mama Gaia sauce and Asian slaw), and I had a Side Salad with mine.

And finally, here's a terrible photo from Friday night. A few of us gathered at our friend Andy's house to grill. But our food wasn't done until about 9 p.m., so the daylight was all gone. And I was too famished by then to bother with trying to find good lighting. Here's my Beast Burger with Grilled Vegetables & Corn with Miso BBQ Sauce.


Sarah said...

OMG yes to all of this! I want the biscuits with gravy and vegan egg big time. That looks amazing. The noodle soup looks delicious as well. Heck it all looks great as always. I still need to get my hands on Soom tahini, the regular and chocolate. It sounds amazing.

Unknown said...

How awesome to have an office lunch that's actually vegan friendly! I dread any office function with food because there's rarely much more than some lame green salad or fruit that i can have.
Please say more about that miso bbq sauce! I love miso and bbq sauce! Is it literally just the two mixed together...??
Ttrockwood said...

Everything looks so good but I would kill for some biscuits and gravy with a side of vegan egg right now. Yum!

Bianca said...

Hey Ttrockwood! That miso BBQ sauce is a recipe from No Meat Athlete Cookbook. I can't remember what all is in it, but I know there's tahini, miso, sriracha, and garlic. It doesn't contain any actual BBQ sauce. But I think there's maybe tomato paste??? I made it a few weeks ago and had some leftover.