Sunday, July 23, 2017

Everything Vegan Tees!

I'll confess — I have a tee-shirt problem. My closet is about 90 percent tee-shirts — Memphis pride tees and message tees of all varieties. I like to wear my opinions about veganism, feminism, running, and every other thing I'm into on my chest. My typical weekend uniform is a message tee, short shorts, and flip-flops. For work, I dress it up a little by pairing tees with cotton skirts or skinny jeans.

Not that I needed any more tees, but when the founder of Everything Vegan — an online tee-shirt store — asked me if I'd to review their shirts, of course I jumped at the chance. This online store has so many vegan message tees to choose from, but I picked out three. You can choose to have the messages printed on a variety of styles of tees, from women's junior fit (my fave) to racerback tanks to unisex tees and sweatshirts. Even kids sizes! You're also given the option of multiple colors for every style.

Since I do have so many message tees in my daywear collection already, I opted to have two of my three tees printed on racerback-style tanks to run in. I also have a lot of workout wear but not nearly as much as I do tees. I couldn't resist this Vegan Runners Last Longer tank! I'm not even sure that the message is true, but I like it.

The cotton is super soft, and the tank is fitted and slim. I went with extra-small, and it was perfect. I also opted for a No Meat for This Vegan Athlete tank in the same size and style. This one has been great for both running and the gym.

For my women's junior style tee, I picked this Dressed to Kale shirt in a lovely shade of blue. I love a good kale pun. And this tee has been fun to pair with a black skirt and flats for work. If my tee says I'm Dressed to Kale, it must count as dressing up, right?

As for the women's junior fit, I also thought this was perfect. The neckline goes up a little higher than some of my other tees, but I liked that. It made for a different shape and adds some variety to my wardrobe.

Other messages I'd love to order from Everything Vegan (because I need another tee like I need a hole in my head): "I Just Want to Drink Kombucha and Save Animals," "I Can't Make Everyone Happy, I'm Not an Avocado," "Eating Animals is Weird," "Tofu Makes Me Happy," "I Don't Carrot All" (told y'all I love a pun), and "I Get Plenty of Protein, Thanks!".

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Susan said...

I have a t-shirt problem, I have had to stop myself from buying so many. LOL Though while I have some vegan ones, I do have a lot of 'geek' ones... I had a Teefury addiction for awhile there.
I really like the look of the women's junior fit t-shirt there! Because I need to try and stay covered up from the sun, higher necklines are perfect for me!