Sunday, September 11, 2016

Irie Vegan Kitchen's Sunday Brunch

I've mentioned Irie Vegan Kitchen a number of times on this blog, but when I did my last official post featuring their Sunday brunch, Chef Nigel and Andrea were cooking out of a different location. (downtown at The African Place). They're now serving brunch (and have been for more than year) out of their home in Orange Mound. It's a sort of secret supper club-style meal but at brunch time!

But it's not so secret! This morning, my friends and I brunched there, and Andrea gave me permission to publish their address and phone number in case new people are interested in coming over for brunch. They serve vegan brunch every Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. out of their home at 806 Newell. Anyone is welcome, but an RSVP is required since they're limited on space. To RSVP, just call Nigel at 901-364-0650.

Their Sunday menu changes weekly, but a few things are always standard like the Tofu Scramble and Herbed Potatoes and Pancakes. Sausage in some form is generally always on the menu — sometimes patties, sometimes seitan sausage with peppers. Also, the pancakes vary in flavor. These pictured (from a few months ago) were blueberry, but this morning, they had strawberry coconut.

There's also typically always a Breakfast Sandwich.

Or a Breakfast Wrap. Both have Nigel's perfectly seasoned tofu scramble. The sandwich usually has some sort of vegan bacon or sausage (like above), but this morning, Nigel added fried plantains to Stephanie's sandwich!

One of my very faves is actually the Black Bean Wrap. Typically, I'd always go for seitan or tofu over beans, but Nigel does something magical to these black beans with rice/quinoa and veggies. The flavor is just amazing, and I love how it's grilled. Pictured here with a side of the Garlic Kale (always on the menu).

There are usually a few non-breakfast items, like vegan BBQ sausage sandwiches or black bean burgers. A few months back, Cassi ordered this plate of Stir-fry with Vegan Chicken and Rice.

Most items are a la carte and range from $3 to $7, but each week, Nigel features one big complete meal for $12 to $15. It always includes a main, a salad, usually some bread, and a side. Here's one complete meal that I got to go a few weeks back — Buffalo Wings with Vegan Ranch, Vegan Mac & Cheese, and Salad. That mac was probably some of the best I've ever had.

So if you're local or even planning to be visiting Memphis on a Sunday, be sure and give Nigel and Andrea a call a few days in advance and book your spot! They also do vegan catering orders.


Hillary said...

I have serious food envy! Everything looks beyond delicious. The tofu scramble looks absolutely perfect!

Dana said...

Oh man, that sounds amazing!! said...

Everything looks amazing! Now I want tofu scram AND mac & cheese.

Unknown said...

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