Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Day Eats!

Paul and I had a lovely (taco-free) Valentine's Day!

We started the morning with a lovely little brunch at home. Paul's definitely an omnivore, but he's getting better about eating vegan meats. I offered to make pancakes, thinking he'd just want pancakes with no side. But he actually requested that I make vegan sausage to go with them! I made the Perfect Pancakes from Vegan Brunch and some Gimme Lean Vegan Sausage. Served with fresh organic raspberries, banana slices, maple syrup, and Earth Balance coconut spread.

After brunch, we caught a matinee performance of Green Day's American Idiot at Playhouse on the Square. I've been a huge Green Day fan since junior high (when Dookie came out), and American Idiot was such an important album to help me (and so many others) make it through the rough Bush years in my mid-20s. Loved this show so much! I know all the words to every song on American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown (the other album used in the show), and it was so cool to see those songs translated into a rock opera onstage.

After the show, we did a little shopping in Overton Square. We stopped by Sweet Noshings, a bulk candy shop, so Paul could stock up, and then we bought some fancy olive oils (vegan butter oil for me, habanero oil for Paul) at Square Olive, a gourmet oil/vinegar shop. Then we met our friends Emily and Thrasher for dinner at Crazy Noodle. That's where the first pic in this post was taken. I ordered the Mandu Guk, but they messed up and served me the Mandu Ramen. No worries. It was prepared vegan-style with veggie broth and no egg. And this ramen dish with veggie dumplings is one of my go-tos there anyway. Yum!

After dinner, we went back home for dessert. I'd picked up a few Valentine's cupcakes from Cassi's Pink Diva Cupcakery. We had Red Velvet Oreo Cupcakes and a Vanilla Funfetti Cupcake. We each ate our own red velvet and split the vanilla in half. Delicious!

Then we met back up with Emily and Thrasher at Studio on the Square to catch an evening screening of Deadpool. I'm not a huge comic book movie fan, but Paul wanted to see it. And since it was marketed as an adult comic (with lots of cursing and stuff), I figured I'd like it. And I did! Super cute movie. Hope y'all had a Happy Valentine's Day too!


vegan peace said...

Your hair has gotten so long! Sounds like an amazing day! I tried to go see Deadpool on Valentines day, but the shows were sold out. I'm going to try again today though!

Dana said...

I started off with pancakes from Isa Does It! It's the perfect thing to make your lover on a Sunday. Those dumplings look amazing as well. We had Three Fold dumplings on Saturday as our kind of not really Valentine's Day. If you still haven't tried Three Fold, it is a MUST.

I love the Green Day helped you through the Bush era. That was Incubus and Rage Against the Machine for me, for sure.

Babette said...

I hadn't listened to Green Day in a while! =)
Memories, memories!

Susan said...

Sounds like a fun day. :) said...

I love Green Day too and the American Idiot musical is AWESOME! Nick and I actually met because he spotted a Green Day badge on my backpack from across our incredibly boring office and the rest, as they say, is history! (Oh and we've now seen Green Day together 11 times!)

Cadry's Kitchen said...

We all had a song to get through the rough Bush years. I used the Dixie Chicks' Dear Mr. President. Have you tried the Gardein breakfast patties? As far as vegan breakfast sausages go, I think they're the best.