Wednesday, February 17, 2016

February Goddess Provisions Box Unpacking!

Back in the fall, I signed up for the monthly vegan subscription box by Goddess Provisions (a spin-off company from the folks who also run Vegan Cuts). It's a surprise goodie box filled with crystals, candles, vegan chocolates, teas, beauty products, and more. Everything you need for embracing your inner goddess! Since I started receiving the box (I've been a subscriber since the first box!), I've been devoting a monthly blog post to featuring the items inside.

My February box arrived yesterday, and it's appropriately themed around the idea of self-love and the heart chakra. Here's what was inside.

There's the Dive In Deck (which features cards with questions or statements designed to make you ponder your life and your dreams), Chocolita Strawberry Passion raw dark chocolate, a set of crystals by Energy Muse that promote self-love, a bracelet by Mud Love, and a heart chakra candle by In Light and Love.

Perhaps the most interesting item was the Dive In Deck. The idea is you draw a card, read the question, and spend a little time meditating on the answer. Today, I drew "What Does Freedom Feel Like?" And my first thought was "no responsibilities, no bills, no rules, and an open schedule." Yea, that would be awesome. Sure, it's impossible, but it's fine (and even healthy) to imagine a world with complete freedom. 

I'm really into crystals, and every Goddess Provisions box comes with at least one. But this one came with three! There's rose quartz (for unconditional love), rhodonite (for compassion), and aventurine (for opening the heart). I'd been wanting rhodonite (the one with the black and pink specks) for my collection for some time, so that's definitely my fave of the three. 

The candle came with a tiny piece of chalk, and you're supposed to write your intention on the candle as it burns. I went with the box theme — self-love — last night, as I burned this lavender, vanilla, pink magnolia blossom, and coconut candle. I actually burned this while coloring a rhodonite crystal mandala in my new Chakra Crystals adult coloring book (because I'm that much of a cliche).

The Grace bracelet by Mud Love is probably my favorite item in the box this month! The charm is made from clay, and the word "grace" is just the reminder I need to practice goodwill and courteousness. Part of cultivating self-love involves showing love to others. By the way, the other bracelets on my hand (except for my FitBit) were procured through past Goddess boxes or Vegan Cuts boxes.

Most months, the boxes contain a chocolate treat or snack bar (or sometimes coffee or tea), just something consumable. The very first Goddess box last fall had a Chocolita raw white chocolate bar, and I absolutely loved it! So I was very excited to try Chocolita's strawberry dark chocolate. I had half of it at work today, and it made the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. The strawberries added a tangy sweetness to the bitter dark chocolate.

The Goddess Provisions boxes are shipped monthly, and I'm always so eager to see what will be inside! Can't wait until March! Sometimes, they also do extra special edition boxes. Like, this month, they put together a limited amount of boxes filled with nothing but crystals from the Tuscan Gem & Mineral Show.  Those boxes are sold out, but I got in on the action before they were all gone. I can't wait for my crystal box! I'll share its contents here when it arrives.

If you're interested in subscribing to the monthly Goddess Provisions box, use this link. I'm an ambassador, so I make a couple bucks from each sale using my link.


Unknown said...

Ooh, that chocolate looks delectable!

Cadry said...

This line cracked me up, "I actually burned this while coloring a rhodonite crystal mandala in my new Chakra Crystals adult coloring book (because I'm that much of a cliche)." It sounds like a fun box, and I always enjoy reading your unpacking posts.

Susan said...

Such beautiful crystals!
That chocolate sounds so good.