Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Vegan Drinks: Asian Fusion Edition

We had our monthly Vegan Drinks meetup at Mosa Asian Bistro tonight. It's a cute, casual fusion cafe with Chinese, Thai, Korean, and Japanese food. Here's the gang, minus a couple who showed up later.

It was happy hour, and house wine was $5 a glass. So I started with some red wine and a Veggie Spring Roll. I was starving, and I needed something to tide me over. This roll was perfectly crisp and stuffed with delicious seasoned cabbage.

For my entree, I went with Pad See U, a Thai dish with wide rice noodles, broccoli, garlic sauce, and fried tofu. Any time I see Pad See U on a menu, that's what I get because it's pretty much my fave thing ever. Pam, who eats at Mosa weekly, encouraged me to order this with extra tofu, so I did. There's just something about wide rice noodles that makes me happy. 

Mike got the Tofu Fried Rice. I took a bite of his, and it was delicious. It had that cooked-in-a-hot-wok flavor. You know what I'm talking about.

Jennifer went with the Sapporo beer and Singapore Curry Noodles, which would have been my second choice if Pad See U wasn't on the menu. This is made with a coconut curry sauce and rice noodles. 

Megan ordered wine to drink — happy hour stuff!

And she ordered the Hunan Tofu. Looks good and saucy! I love that Mosa offers brown rice as an option.

Pat ordered a true fusion meal — Mosa Wraps! Fried tofu and veggies with tortillas for wrapping. Weird. But it looks delicious.

Nathan always goes with beer. Tonight, it was a Sam Adams Boston Lager. 

And he and Susan both ordered the Rainbow Panang Curry for their entree. I tasted the sauce, and wow. Just wow. Thai coconut curry with lemongrass, lime leaves, and panang curry. I will definitely get this next time! 


Cadry's Kitchen said...

Wide noodles are the absolute best. All of this food looks amazing! I so wish we had a good Thai place in our area. The closest one that I like is an hour away…

Jennifer said...

Everything looks so good! I make Pad See Ew from a recipe I got from a book, so I would love to try it in a restaurant because it looks so much different from what I make! XD