Monday, October 5, 2015

Stuff I Ate, Part 1

I typically do these big ole photo dumps of random meals every couple weeks, but since Vegan Mofo was going on for all of September, I didn't get a chance to show the internet all of the important meals that made it into my mouth! So I'm dividing this Stuff I Ate post into two days. Here's your first installment.

I've been eating lunch at least one day a week at Cassi's new Pink Diva Cupcakery since it's ridiculously close to my office. This is the BBQ Tofu Plate with Vegan Mac & Cheese and Sauteed Veggies.

Another meal from Pink Diva — Vegan Fried Fish with Sauteed Veggies and Avocado Kale Salad. Mustardy BBQ sauce for dippin'.

Picked up some Tofu Manicotti from Pink Diva one day and brought it back to work. This is one of the plates I stash in my desk. Sauteed Veggies on the side.

Paul and I went camping for Labor Day weekend with our friends David and Nico. Nico is also vegan, so I brought along some Gardein Chipotle Black Bean Burgers for grillin'. They were so tasty that Paul ate two. I packed a tomato, and Nico had an avocado, so dinner was made!

We were camping at Reel Foot Lake, a beautiful lake with cypress knobs and praying mantises (manti?) everywhere! There's a legendary mom-and-pop country cookin' joint near the lake called Boyette's. Even though I knew it wouldn't be vegan-friendly, I wanted to check it out because I kinda love that kitschy country weirdness. The only thing I could eat was French Fries and a Garden Salad. But that's okay. I like iceberg lettuce. Sometimes.

Back at home, we had some gift cards for the Bayou Bar & Grill, a Cajun bar in Midtown. It's not super vegan-friendly either, but they do have a few veganizable dishes. Like this Portabella Mushroom Po' Boy made without the cheese or butter. Really, really good. And their fries are amazing.

There was a lot of party food in September. Kristie, the owner of Imagine Vegan Cafe, just had her fourth baby (FOUR BABIES! I don't even know she does it.) We had a surprise baby shower for her at the restaurant. I brought these Tiny Tomato Tarts from Vegan Finger Foods. They're yummy little tofu quiches!

I also brought some last minute Vegan Buffalo Strips — Beyond Meat chicken tossed with Earth Balance and hot sauce.

There was lots of other vegan food there, but I didn't get pics of it all since Mofo was going on. I did, however, manage to get pics of the shower cake — Raspberry Petit Fours made by my friend Stephanie of Swell Baked Goods.

My friends Vaughan and Nicole held another vegan party in September at their house. They had it mostly catered by Cassi's Pink Diva Cupcakery. She was testing out these fantastic Avocado Wontons for the first time, and they are so good. Fried wontons filled with guacamole, with ranch for dipping. YES! They were such a hit at the party that she's added them to the regular menu.

She also made these cute Cucumber "Cupcakes" — raw cucumber slices piped high with vegan cream cheese.

Cassi didn't make these Falafels, but they were delicious. I think Vaughan bought them from somewhere.

She did make these Sweet Potato Mango Cupcakes for the party though. YUM!

Well, I'll leave you on that high note. More pics tomorrow.


Babette said...

I enjoy those posts so much. I'd be the happiest girl if I had eaten all that lately! I really want a Pink Diva and an Imagine Café in my town.

Jennifer said...

Everything looks and sounds wonderful but Avocado WonTons? Seriously? I NEED some of those in my life PRONTO!!!!! Wow!

foodfeud said...

I love photo dumps! haha.
The cucumber cupcakes are a cute idea, I do that sometimes with mushrooms and hummus. The petit fours are beautiful!! I bet they were delicious.