Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Goddess Provisions

The founders of Vegan Cuts have a new subscription box company, and it's right up my alley. It's called Goddess Provisions, and each month, subscribers get a box filled with 4 to 6 full-sized items to help us "connect with our divine feminine and grow our spiritual practice." Stuff like crystals, oils, teas, candles, and chocolate.

I've been a Vegan Cuts Beauty Box subscriber for over a year, and I love getting the mix of full-sized and sample-sized makeup, skincare products, and other beauty treats in the mail every month. But when I learned about Goddess Provisions, I knew it was an even better fit for me. I immediately signed up for the first box, which I received yesterday! Sadly, I had to cancel my Beauty Box since I can't afford both. Goddess Provisions is $33 a month, while the Beauty Box is only $20. But you get more full-sized items in the Goddess box.

Goddess Provisions is gonna be awesome. I'm so glad I signed up! Check out what was in my first box. The theme for the introductory box is the Third Eye Chakra, our center of intuition.

There's Third Eye Chakra Tea by Buddha Teas, a Pura Botanica soy candle in Oh-So-Citrus, Balanced Guru Intuition energy mist, skin repair balm by Meow Meow Tweet, raw white chocolate with blueberry lotus essential oil by Chocolita, and an amethyst point mined from Vera Cruz, Mexico. Amethyst is great for meditating with when you're working with your third eye chakra.

The tea is an herbal blend of eyebright, jasmine, spearmint, star anise, and passion flower, and while I'm not the biggest fan of anise, I actually liked this tea once brewed. It has a strong licorice smell, which turned me off at first. But that smell dissipates after it's brewed, and then the anise just adds a natural sweetness. I'm really getting into teas lately (after years of trying to love tea!), so I was excited to have this new herbal blend.

I had some of the tea this morning while I did a moving meditation online yoga class. And before the class began, I sprayed on some of the Intuition energy mist, a blend of palmarosa, rosemary, lavender, lemon, roman chamomile, and pine designed to boost intuition, insight, and imagination.

And I burned my candle during yoga. It has a nice energizing citrus scent, great for morning yoga!

At the end of my practice, while in savasana, I placed the amethyst over my third eye and just repeated a little mantra —"My mind is clear and agile, I am open to the wisdom within me." 

As for the repair balm, I'm using that every night on my dry feet, hands, and face (yes, my face gets as dry as a desert in the winter). I love that the Goddess Provisions box still includes a little skincare.

And today, I had half of the Chocolita Blueberry Lotus chocolate. OMG!

This looks the color of regular chocolate, but it's actually raw white chocolate. It just has a brown-ish color, probably because it's all natural. But the taste is out of this world. I haven't really had good white chocolate since going vegan. I've had a few brands of white chocolate chips, but they're more sugar than anything. But this was mostly cacao butter, and every bite just melted in my mouth. It's infused with blueberry lotus essential oil, which is a meditation aid. 

Love, love, love my Goddess Provisions box! By the way, I didn't receive this box to review. I paid for it, and I'm happy to be a subscriber. I've signed up to be an ambassador for Goddess Provisions, but the process isn't complete yet. I am an ambassador for Vegan Cuts though, meaning I make a few cents when someone buys a Vegan Cuts product after clicking on an ad from my blog. I can't wait until November for my next box. I'll probably dedicate a post to the Goddess box each month, just for fun!


Jennifer said...

Awesome box of goodies! You should link this up over at MidWeek Munchies!!!! I have been thinking about trying that chocolate, too, btw! I will certainly have to look into some of those other products and FAST!

Jennifer said...

That raw white chocolate looks amazing! I've only seen vegan white chocolate a few times, and I shell out the cash when I see them. Pure bliss!

Susan said...

This sounds like such a beautiful box. I wish things weren't so expensive and far away from Australia!