Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Vegan Drinks at Deja Vu!

Tonight was Vegan Drinks! We meet up at vegan-friendly restaurants once a month for drinks and dinner. Typically, we go with places that have full bars. But so many vegan places in Memphis only serve beer, so sometimes, we break the rules. That was the case tonight when we dined at Deja Vu Vegetarian & Creole Restaurant. 

Hey look! It's Cassi's Pink Diva delivery scooter parked out front!

We had a nice little modest-sized crowd tonight.

Chef Gary, the mastermind behind this vegan-friendly Creole restaurant, is super-awesome. And he (and his son) sat and talked with us for the entire meal!

Deja Vu isn't a totally vegan place (they have all sorts of meaty Creole specialties), but they have a number of vegan entree items and desserts. Plus, all the soul food sides are vegan! And since they're a New Orleans-style joint (Gary moved to Memphis after Hurricane Katrina), they always have Abita in stock. Nathan had an Abita Strawberry Lager.

And I went with Abita Amber.

Cassi and Pam don't really drink beer, so Cassi brought her own bottle of wine in. She shared a glass with me, too!

Clarita, Bert, and Shay got Abita, too! But Vegan Drinks isn't just about drinks. We eat! Deja Vu has a number of great vegan entrees — mock chicken salad, curry tofu, BBQ mushroom sandwiches, vegan tacos, vegan quesadillas. But I was in the rare mood for a Veggie Plate! Deja Vu has such amazing veggies! I picked four for my meal. One was Red Beans & Rice.

And Smothered Okra, Fried Plantains, and Roasted Garlic Potatoes. YUM!

Pam went with one of my very favorite entrees — BBQ Tofu!! And on the side, she got plantains and fried cabbage.

Cassi went with the Portabella Mushroom & Sundried Tomato Pasta. This was definitely enough for two meals! I think most everyone else ordered some variation on these same items.

I've eaten at Deja Vu a million times, and I've ordered every entree more than once. But I'm always so full that I've never had room for their Vegan Chocolate Cake with Strawberry Sauce. Such was the case tonight, but Cassi had room left. So she ordered a slice, and we all sampled a bite. Mmmmmmm. This is served warm and the strawberry sauce really just sets it over the top. This is the kind of cake that deserves a glass of cold coconut milk on the side. YUM!



foodfeud said...

Ooh, I could go for a cold Abita right now.
The BBQ tofu and okra look super, super good.

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