Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My 10K Celebration!

If you've been following my blog for awhile, you might remember that last year my dream to finally run my first half-marathon was shot down after I got a horrible stress fracture in my right foot. That fracture took six months to heal! That was far longer than the doctors originally told me it'd be, and at times, it felt like I'd never run again.

But by March, I was back out there! My foot still had some residual pain, but the doc okayed me easing back into training. And when I say ease, I mean, go slow as Christmas. I literally started over with a couch to 5K-style program. And from there, I moved on to a 12-week 10K program. I finally finished that program last week! I had a few uncertain moments about halfway through when my foot started acting up, but I think maybe it was just aggravated or something. The pain didn't last long.

At the time of my fracture last summer, I was up to 7.5 miles, so I still have a ways to go. But I'm almost there. In August, I'll start my half-marathon training program. And until then, I plan to run three days a week with one of those being a 6.2-mile run. Anyway, enough about running. You're here for the food, right?

Well, I promised myself that if I finished the 10K program injury-free, I could treat myself to a Cheeseburger, French Fries, and Vanilla Milkshake from Imagine Vegan Cafe.

I order Imagine's juicy Teese-covered burger every so often, but I usually try to balance that with something healthy, like a salad or sauteed kale or steamed broccoli. I hardly ever get the fries, but their fries are so good! They're loaded with seasoned salt, and if you ask nicely (like I did tonight), they'll give you a ramekin of Vegenaise for dipping euro-trash-style.

As for the milkshake, well, I usually can't justify washing a burger and fries down with ice cream. But dammit, I earned that milkshake. It was nice and creamy!

Bonus: Blog reader and awesome Instagramer @fecaled was visiting Memphis from Arizona and he recognized me at Imagine tonight. Selfie!

I won't be blogging tomorrow because I'm going to Nashville for the annual Association of Alternative Newsweeklies Convention for work. But when I come back, I'm sure I'll have plenty of fun photos of Nashville vegan finds!


Pam said...

That's great news that your foot is holding up!!! I'm so happy!

I freaking love the interwebs. How the hell else could you just bump into someone you "know" when you're thousands of miles at home?

Sarah said...

So glad your foot is finally good to go!! It's definitely frustrating, especially when you have a major goal you're working for and that curveball comes at you! Way to overcome it, though!

Pam's right, the interwebs are awesome! I have made some pretty amazing lifelong friends, after originally meeting them online!

Oh, and it's not just the food I'm here for. I love the way you write. And I've loved seeing the different festivals, travels, get-togethers, etc over the years... ;)

Dana said...

I'm so glad you're healed up! Josh and I are running the White River Half Marathon in November, and we just started our training this week. Actually, I am posting about that tomorrow, so great timing! Are you doing the Memphis half?

Don't worry about speed. I am slow as Christmas, and I'm not injured, haha.

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