Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sweet Taters for Breakfast

Time for my weekly Cookin' Crunk plug! This week, I made my Sweet Potato Hash from the book for breakfast:

It's a hash made with grated sweet taters, onions, spices, and vegan beef (and you can either use the frozen crumbles or make my homemade TVP beef). By the way, fun fact: My publisher requested that I use "TSP" instead of "TVP" in the book. Apparently, "TVP" (which stands for "textured vegetable protein") is a registered trademark, so "TSP" (for "textured soy protein") is a safer bet.

Anyway, I like to eat my Sweet Tater Hash with toast (this time spread with hot pepper jelly) and orange juice.

Speaking of Cookin' Crunk, Joni Newman's giveaway of the book is still going on at Just the Food. Head over there if you haven't already entered.

Also, my first booksigning is scheduled for Saturday, September 29th from 3 to 6 p.m. at Imagine Vegan Cafe! Yea! Check out the poster! And if you live in Memphis, please plan to be there. We'll get crunk and have a big ole party.


Amber Shea @Almost Vegan said...

I never knew that about TVP vs. TSP! I always say TVP.

This hash is a dish I have bookmarked to make! After I stop being a lazy newlywed and get my ass back in the kitchen.

Jody said...

hey bianca,
will you be traveling to other cities for signings? can you post the schedule on your blog please? (crossing fingers that you'll be coming to the SF bay area!)! thanks!

Bianca said...

Hey Jody! Unfortunately, I don't have a travel budget. So I'm only doing signings in Memphis, and I'll be at VegFest in Atlanta in November. I may also try to arrange a signing in Little Rock, Arkansas. But I don't think I'll have the money to get out of the South. :-(

Anonymous said...

I made the chicken seitan from your book last night! It was super easy and turned out awesome! I served it sautéed w sweet potatoes and slathered in BBQ sauce w a side of garlic kale. Soooo good! :)

Babette said...

That recipe sounds delish. It's fun to see how it looks like.

Anonymous said...

sweet potatoes are so yummy. I am sad that I haven't bought your book yet...tough times financially but i will pick it up soon. :)

are you doing a nashville signing?

Southern Purple Veggie said...

Another reason to buy your book when I get money, you have a delicious sweet potato recipe.

Rachel said...

Those taters inspired me to order your book today. I was holding out to put it on my holiday wish list, but I just couldn't wait!! Everything looks delicious.