Monday, September 24, 2012

Fondue Party!!

Back in July, I bought my first house with a little down-payment help from my daddy. I've been renting this place for 4 years, and things got a little sticky when it came down to "buy it or leave it." Having moved from apartment to apartment for the past 13 years, I figured it was time to settle down. I'm tired of moving. I'm tired of living with the lack of housing security that comes with renting. And I have 8 pets (6 cats, 2 dogs).

Besides, my house is in a great emerging arts and historic district. It's affordable, and it has loads of closet space. Even though the deal closed in July, we waited until September to have a housewarming party because I've been so darn busy.

And busy little bee that I am, I just had to use this party as an excuse to work on my next cookbook, a collection of veganized trendy foods from the last century. For the 1970s chapter, I knew I wanted lots of fondue. So I invited all my friends over and made four kinds of fondue for snacking pleasure.

This Pizza Fondue was, by far, my fave. It's basically just melted Daiya mozzarella mixed with pizza sauce and herbs. We dipped in bread cubes and Tofurky Italian sausages:

The Beer Cheese Fondue came in a close second. It's a nooch-based dip made with good beer (I used Sam Adams Boston Lager). For dippin', we used bread, Tofurky sausages, and chunks of fried tofu:

You can't have a fondue housewarming without dessert fondue. I made a Lemon Fondue for dippin' gingersnaps and strawberries. This is the only fondue that still needs some work. It was delicious, but I think I used too much flour to thicken. After 30 minutes or so of warming in the fondue pot, this stuff hardened into a solid glob. I kept having to add soymilk or water to thin it out:

And finally, I just had to make the standard Chocolate Hazelnut Fondue. This one was a huge hit with fresh strawberries and pineapple:

My friend Stephanie, who some of you may know as Poopie Bitch from the PPK, bakes vegan cakes for a living. So she brought mini versions of my favorite flavors — chocolate peanut butter bombs and coconut cupcakes!

We had lots of boxed wine (Washington Hills merlot ... it's vegan!). But I also made some Aqua Fresca with fresh lemon, cucumber, and mint for my teetotatler friends.

By the night's end, all the fondue was gone! And so were the dippin' things! And of course, so were the cupcakes. There was a wee bit of wine left though. My friends may love to party, but they love to eat even more.


Barb@ThatWasVegan said...

How fun, and congrats on being a home owner! I can't imagine trying to rent with that many pets... We just put our house on the market last weekend it already sold- catching us completely off guard- so I've been looking for a rental house that will take 3 dogs and a cat and even that seems to be a stretch!

Rachel said...

We too are getting the itch to buy, especially after our last landlord broke what was supposed to be a two year lease so he could move his family back into the house. We love our new rental, and I could definitely see buying it. Congrats on homeownership! I love the idea of a fondue party.

Babette said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to be a homeowner... and have my own yard.

The fondues look terrific. I could really go for some chocolatey fruits.

Allysia said...

Hey, congrats on being a home owner! I feel like it'll be a long, long time until I'm ever able to "settle down" like that...moving to Toronto as a musician next year will basically mean spending a few years in a studio apartment, but it's all good. One day! And fondue is a great idea for a party, hope it was a blast!

Rachel from The Vegan Mishmash said...


And the fondue looks absolutely delicious. I've never tried fondue, but have always wanted to. I bet vegan marshmallows would've been delicious dipped in the chocolate hazelnut fondue.

Can't wait to see this second cookbook of yours on the shelf.

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tender b. said...

My friends always have fondue parties, never vegan though. I'll use this post to try to convince them...

KTBuns said...

Ohmygoodness, this all looks so friggin' good... *slobber*