Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Crazy Sexy Day Ten: Dining Out

So I've had a pretty easy time eating at home on the Crazy Sexy Diet. Lots of raw food and cooked food made with no sugar, no processed food, and no gluten. Since I'm eating leftovers, the prep schedule isn't much different from what I do in real life (and no, this cleanse is not real life). But what about dining out?

Every Wednesday, my friends and I eat at Imagine Vegan Cafe. Though most of their delicious comfort food fare is gluten-based, there are a few dishes I know are cleanse-friendly. Last week, I ordered the Veggie Plate with steamed broccoli, brown rice, black beans, and a salad. But the owners of Imagine are out of town this week, and since it's a totally family-run business, they've closed Imagine for the week.

Yet my friends still wanted to eat somewhere, and the place they picked was Al-Rayan, our favorite Middle Eastern joint. I didn't want to pass up the socialization and delicious food, so I decided to see what I could find on the menu that meets my cleanse requirements. I ended up ordering my favorite dish — Ful!

This is a fava bean (they're more alkaline than some other beans) spread topped with olive oil, fresh tomatoes, jalepenos, and raw onions. It's served with pita bread, but I can't eat gluten right now. So I ordered a side of brown basmati rice and mixed it all together:

That alone, however, doesn't really fit the 60% alkaline/40% acid requirements of the Crazy Sexy Diet. So I ordered a Side Salad filled with alkaline romaine, tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers (all the veggies fell to the bottom, but they're in there):

Granted, the meal was much heavier than what I've been eating, and my tummy can tell. I'm a little bloated, but I'm sure my appetite has shrunk a tad since I began this adventure 10 days ago. But despite a smaller appetite, I totally cleaned my ful and salad plates!


Vegyogini said...

One of my co-workers introduced me to a Lebanese restaurant today and guess what I ordered...fool (that's how the restaurant spelled it) and potatoes. Delicious!

bitt said...

The hard part about eating out is the sauces and stuff they put on it. Your body must be really clean if that felt heavy.

Sasha Mitchell said...

agree with bitt. You are convincing me to try this crazy sexy diet. i would love to feel that clean!!

Leslie R. said...

Good job navigating restaurant food!

Melissa Manfredi said...

Everything looks so good!