Monday, January 9, 2012

Crazy Sexy Day Eight

I had lots of solid food today! That was a welcome change from yesterday's partial juice fast. But I did start my day with another 16-ounce green juice made with cucumber, zucchini, apple, kale, celery, and ginger. Of course, you've seen enough of my juice pictures by now, so I didn't snap a photo.

I decided to start eating larger mid-morning snacks on juice mornings because I've found that only juice or juice with a small snack leaves me feeling hungry at work during a time when I need to be the most focused. In Crazy Sexy Diet, Kris Carr suggests adding a sprouted grain cereal with nut or seed milk an hour or so after juicing. So I bought Food for Life Ezekial 4:9 Whole Wheat Sprouted Grain Cereal and Sol Sunflower Seed Milk:

Now, you may be thinking, "But I thought this cleanse was supposed to be gluten-free?" It is. And I didn't even think about that when I purchased this cereal, but it was the only sprouted grain cereal at Whole Foods. And Kris did say to try a "sprouted grain cereal." After I realized the problem, I went to Food for Life's website to see if sprouted grains are magically considered gluten-free. Here's what I found:
"Any product that contains wheat (including semolina, durum, spelt, triticale, and kamut) rye, barley, or oats cannot be considered Gluten-Free. What is important is the sprouting process, through enzymatic activity, changes gluten to a more digestible or tolerable state. Many individuals with mild gluten sensitivities use sprouted products with no adverse side affects or allergic reactions. However, each person’s individual constitution is different."
So I'm gonna say it's okay for me to have this on the cleanse. I know I don't have a gluten sensitivity because I've tried gluten-free cleanses before and had no adverse effects adding gluten back into my diet (thank goddess).

As for the rest of the day, I had leftover Raw Goddess Soup from Crazy Sexy Diet for lunch. It's made with red bell pepper, lettuce, kale, garlic, cayenne, dulse, and flax oil:

And I paired that with Shaved Kale Avocado Salad, also from Crazy Sex Diet:

This simple raw kale salad is massaged with both olive oil and avocado for lots of fun, healthy fat. I shredded the kale in my food processor to get the shaved effect. The recipe doesn't explain how to shave kale, and that sounds difficult. But the food processor made it easy.

My afternoon snack was an orange and Food for Life Gluten-Free Pecan Rice Bread with Raw Almond Butter:

After work, I hit the gym for some elliptical time and weight lifting. And then dinner was more leftover Teriyaki Tofu, Millet, and Cabbage Hemp Salad. I didn't take a picture since I've already posted it, but you can see it here. That's it for my leftovers though. Tomorrow is a brand new food day!


shutupandeat said...

Man, you have some ambition! I really need to do a diet, and I am so scared of doing a juice diet. Have you been seeing any results? I'm a vegetarian and not a vegan. I need to lose weight though.
Also, I see that you are a redhead, that rules. You so perty too!

JL goes Vegan said...

You're eating such fabulous food on this cleanse! The kale salad looks delicious. I think I'll make that for lunch today.

tender b. said...

keep going strong!

Brian Woz said...

Cleanse on, sista! You're inspiring me to do one myself. I'm curious if you've been keeping track of your weight. Are you losing lbs on this cleanse? I got about 10 to shed.

Alan Roettinger said...

Happy New Year Bianca!

Yeah, I too have wondered about shaving kale...visions of getting out a disposable Bic and trying to hold those unruly leaves still.

Allysia said...

Oooh, shaving kale! I actually had to do a demo of that at Living Light, and it's super easy - easier with dino kale. you just roll up a few stemless leaves like a cigar and do a thin julienne across the width. It's pretty much the only way I prepare my kale now. :)

foodfeud said...

Ha! Shaved kale; that's kind of cute. You may have mentioned this before - do you dislike leftovers? Or do you just not like to repeat photos?

Bianca said...

I love leftovers! But I didn't want to bore everyone with repeated photos. Throughout the rest of the week, after today, I'll be living on leftovers through the weekend, so I may repeat a few...we'll see...but leftovers are the staple of my diet both on the cleanse and off. It's the only way I can afford to eat. :-)

Karen Beth said...

Hi! I decided yesterday to go gluten free after reading some about it, etc. I'm also vegan, as you know, so I'm a bit worried about what I will actually EAT. Eeek!

Do you prepare all this food and take to work with you? I'm really impressed with your dedication!

Karen Beth :)

bitt said...

Looks good. If you want sprouted grain, you could sprout some raw buckwheat. It's completely gluten-free. Also sprouted quinoa is too.

Erin said...

Another great-sounding day of food! The kale salad looks particularly delicious, wish I had it for my lunch today.

dreaminitvegan said...

You rock! I was wanting to do this cleanse with my husband and I think you just inspired me.
My thinking about gluten intolerence is that everything is so processed and with that comes wheat somewhere in the huge list of ingredients. Sprouted whole grains does seem the way to go. Although there obviously are going to be people who are still going to be extremely sensitive to gluten. I think I'm rambling...sorry

Sasha Mitchell said...

I'm allergic to gluten, and eat Food For Life bread too! The millet bread is really good with almond butter!!

Sasha from Kale With Love

Leslie R. said...

I am getting kind of antsy to do the CSD cleanse again too!!