Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lazy Thursday

Well, I didn't cook tonight at all. Instead, I opted for a Tofurkey sandwich on nine-grain bread with Follow Your Heart vegan mozzarella, butter lettuce, Grey Poupon, and my granny's homemade cucumber relish. On the side are kettle-cooked salt and pepper chips and a piece of pickled okra. But I still wanted to take pics:

I wasn't really feeling lazy. I just had a lot to do tonight. I got home from Fight Club (that's the name of my boxing class at the gym), and I wanted to eat something quick before delivering Solstice gifts and getting some last-minute gift wrapping done. Plus, I have a ton of that pizza left. I can only eat two slices at a time because it's so thick and filling.

I usually don't cook big meals when I have lots of leftovers available. I used to do Food Not Bombs, and it instilled this ethic in me regarding food waste. Never throw away good food cause there's someone out there starving in the streets. I can't stand waste. When I make a REALLY big meal, I usually freeze leftovers in lunch-sized portions.

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