Friday, December 14, 2007

Comfort food

No pics today, sorry! I had Ramen noodles last night (with added tofu, carrots, and mushrooms) because I had to get some Xmas shopping done and needed to get out of the house quickly before the mall and bookstore closed.

But that made me much as I try and avoid processed foods, there's some dishes, like Ramen, that I love too much to give up. When I was kid, my mom let me eat Ramen for breakfast everyday. Not the most nutritional breakfast, but tasty nonetheless. So these days, it's by far my favorite comfort food. If I'm feeling sad or lonely or bored, I can curl up with a steaming bowl of Ramen and all is good in the world.

Last night, when I ate Ramen, it was super-cold outside. It's gone from nearly 80 degrees earlier this week to temps in the 30s and 40s. And that hot bowl of noodles warmed me up quicker than an electric blanket in a sauna room (okay, not really, but I did feel suddenly cozy).

What are your favorite comfort foods?


Anonymous said...

Nothing makes me more happy & content than eating baby desserts. Mini cupcakes, itty bitty pies, tiny cheesecakes...When I was little I LOVED the petite fours they sold at Sessel's. they looked like something you would be served at a wedding.
I like to buy the Keebler brand mini graham cracker pie shell things & whip up a quickie cheesecake by mixing tofutti cream cheese, a bit of silken tofu,a touch of soy milk & some lemon juice. Topped with fresh cherries, bluberries or even that disgusting cherry goop pie filling- they are super helpful when I am in need of hard-core food comfort.

Bianca said...

You're making me dream of those mini-cheesecakes at Beat Your Meat...yum!

Dianna Dalton said...

Oh my god the vegan tarts at the reception after BYM were good. Did you ever have any of Hart's tarts? Everyone who tasted them agreed they were orgasmic.

Happy Older Hippie Woman! said...

I decided that instead of starting 2 years into it, I'd read through the entire blog - a little each day to, you know, Bianca-size myself, and even though this is from 12/07, I wanted to leave my comfort food choice: a nice big bowl of mashed (or smashed down reds) potatoes - salted & peppered, with plenty of Earth Balance, and Tofutti Sour Cream just in case, with a side of sweet, sweet steamy kernel corn, chased down by a mix of chocolate soy & plain rice milks over a little ice.
I like picking up the corn with blobs of 'tater on my spoon.
I'm glad I found your blog
- it's about wonderful vegan food which is a huge comfort all by itself!