Monday, December 17, 2007

Eating local ... mostly

I didn't actually "cook" anything for breakfast this morning. I had soy yogurt, berry granola from the Wild Oats bulk bin, and fresh raspberries. The yogurt came from The Farm , an intentional vegan community in Summertown, Tennessee. That's about three hours from Memphis.

At The Farm, they make soft and firm tofu, soygurt, and soy milk in their modest Soy Dairy. The products are sold at their on-site health food store and in select Nashville-area health food stores. The last time I was in Nashville, I picked up some soygurt and tofu. This morning, I tried the soygurt for the first time. It is soooo good.

It's unflavored and unsweetened, but it's perfect with a slightly sweet granola and tangy berries. And it feels good to eat something made so close to home. I try to eat as local as possible. But sometimes I slip, especially in the winter months when fresh local produce isn't available at the farmer's market. For example, those juicy red raspberries came in a plastic box that said "Grown In Mexico." I feel a little guilty about it, but hopefully eating local yogurt makes it okay...

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That pic is gorgeous I love it.