Thursday, May 14, 2020

Beans, Beans, the Magical Fruit!

Since I'm self-isolating for 14 days (okay, it's really 13!! The best I could do!) to ensure I'm virus-free before visiting my parents, I've been forced to cook at home every day! I was already an avid fan of cooking at home most nights, but now I'm skipping the two or three takeout meals I usually enjoy in a week.

And that means I'm eating healthier foods! Namely beans. Lots of beans! When stocking up at the beginning of the pandemic, I got lots of dried beans because food scarcity was a real threat back then. But I didn't use any right away because I'd also purchased canned beans, and they're just easier. But this week, I made Borracho Cranberry Beans in the Instant Pot using dried cranberry beans and this recipe.

I subbed veggie broth for the chicken broth in the recipe, but it was otherwise vegan. Borracho beans are also known as "drunken beans" because you add beer to the broth as they cook. These also had ghost pepper (subbed for the jalapenos), salsa, onion, cilantro (from my herb garden), and spices. Very tasty served alongside some LuLu's country loaf with Miyoko mozz.

I had some leftover borracho beans over brown rice, topped with spinach, sauteed zucchini, and pan-fried tofu in a Grain/Green/Bean Bowl last night. Topped with lemon-tahini sauce and sriracha. Simple bowl meals with sauce are my favorite thing to eat!

I've been listening to Rip Esselstyn's Plant-Strong podcast a lot, and he had a great episode recently where he interviews his mom Ann and his sister Jane about their favorite plant-based meals. Ann talked about her Black Beans & Rice, served with kale and topped with fresh mango and salsa. That sounded so good! And I had everything on-hand to make it (and a mango that was getting a little too ripe). Oil-free, full of flavor!

Not everything I've been eating has been super-healthy! I stocked up on Soy Curls at the start of the pandemic, and there were a few recipes included with the shipment. I had everything to make Soy Curl Chicken Salad (celery, onion, vegan mayo), and I had some wraps leftover from burrito night. I added a few grapes and had a yummy Soy Chicken Salad Wrap! Hummus and veggies on the side (so still pretty healthy!).

And then here's a totally not-healthy (but totally delicious) meal! Brekky Sandwich! With Beyond Sausage, Just Egg folded eggs, and Miyoko's cheddar shreds).


Hillary said...

I love simple bowls with a great sauce too! I think it's my favorite way to eat food!!
I didn't even know Miyoko's has shreds!!!
I hope you're having so much fun with your parents!!!

Susan said...

Beans are so wonderful, I love them!