Monday, November 4, 2019

Vegan Souper Sunday!

I'm no fan of cold weather, but I am a fan of soup. Soup, plus the fun fall/winter holidays, are the only things that keep me sane when the temps drop below the 70s.

Lucky for me, my friend Nichelle organized a vegan soup swap on Sunday, and now I've got seven different vegan soups stocked in my deep freezer — ready to keep me warm this fall and winter! Look at all this frozen soup!

Each person who signed up was instructed to bring nine quarts of soup — eight for swapping and one for sampling at the event (one person dropped at the last minute so we ended up with one extra bag of our own soup). We met at Nichelle and Sean's place and enjoyed snacks and wine before soup tasting.

We each grabbed tiny bowls and went around the kitchen, tasting each soup. There was Nichelle's Sweet Potato Peanut Soup and Mindy's Cannellini Bean & Greens Soup.

Sean made Tortilla Soup. Allie brought Butternut Squash Soup. And Jennifer made Split Pea Soup.

Stephanie made a Black Bean Soup, and I brought Smoky Tomato Soup.

And Nichelle also made the best Kale Salad with Pecan Parm as a side dish. Definitely the best kale salad I've had! She used this recipe from Oh She Glows, and it's literally called The Best Shredded Kale Salad.

Everyone's soup was so good, and I'm so excited to have a freezer-full of lunch and dinner options! I've been eating a lot of the Smoky Tomato Soup I made over the past couple days. I used this recipe from Olives for Dinner. Perfect with vegan grilled cheese & avocado. 

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