Monday, June 25, 2018

Even More Stuff I Ate

It's a new week, but I'm still working on posting pics of meals from the past couple weeks! Also, you may have noticed (or not!) that I didn't post on Sunday night. I've traditionally posted Sunday-Thursday (except when I was on vacation or had holiday stuff happening) since the blog began in 2007. But I'm thinking about switching to a Monday-Thursday schedule going forward. I often find that I'm just too busy having Sunday Funday to post! Hope that's okay.

Anyway, without further ado, here are a few more random meals. Last Monday, Paul and I had dinner at Mulan in Cooper-Young because I had a Groupon. But turns out, that Groupon was only for the East Memphis location!! Boo! Oh well, the food was good. We started with Tofu Spring Rolls.

And then we shared an order of Panang Curry with Tofu (ordered without fish sauce). Brown rice for me, white rice for him. This was actually enough for THREE MEALS!!

On Tuesday night, my entire office at Crosstown Arts took a field trip (by chartered bus!) to the West Memphis Pancho's for a going-away party for our co-worker Sadie. Pancho's is totally a Memphis thing (even though the best location is in West Memphis, Arkansas). It's a Tex-Mex joint best-known for its legendary cheese dip, which is available in just-about every grocery store in Memphis. I can't eat it anymore, but if I could cheat on my veganism with one thing, it'd be Pancho's cheese dip. Of course, I won't do that. 

But thankfully, there are a couple of veganizable options at Pancho's. I typically get the Spinach Mexican Pizza with no cheese, but they were out of Mexican pizza shells. So I went with the Nachos, minus the cheese, beef, and sour cream. The beans are vegan, according to several servers I've asked over the years. Sorry for this terrible flash pic, but it was dark in there! We enjoyed dinner and drinks, plus HOURS of karaoke. Great party!

The next day, much of the office was a little hungover. Ha! Including myself (damn margaritas). Thankfully, I can walk downstairs from my office and get fresh juice at Juice Bar. This We Got the Beet Juice made me feel much better.

Thursday was Summer Solstice. And it was also National Smoothie Day! I started with a short two-mile run and followed it with a Berry-Orange Protein Smoothie (strawberries, raspberries, OJ, almond milk, & vanilla protein powder).

More random pics tomorrow, y'all!


Unknown said...

Well since it’s YOUR blog then you get to decide when to post! And obviously fun is more important ;))
Those spring rolls look great! Although i thought those were summer rolls and the fried one were spring rolls..? Totally amazing you got so many meals from the curry :)
And what a fun going away party! Margaritas are maybe my favorite cocktail (salt rim please) aside from a proper moscow mule, but yeah the next morning is always rough. Great idea ordering the nachos like that, i love nachos yet rarely have them but I didn’t think to ask to just leave off stuff.
I totally missed national smoothie day! Yours is so gorgeous and oj with berries is such a tasty combo

Sarah said...

Enjoy your Sunday Fundays!! We will read whenever you post :) The going away party sounds like it was so much fun and those nachos look awesome! I have friends in Memphis and I'm pretty sure they have mentioned Pancho's! I could totally go for a margarita these days, I'll have to make that happen soon. That smoothie looks amazing and the berry orange combo sounds delicious!

vegan peace said...

I've been craving spring rolls recently! I want one of everything you had!
I love the little chip bowl for your guacamole!