Tuesday, June 26, 2018

And More Stuff I Ate

Y'all tired of these "stuff I ate" posts yet? Too bad! Here's another. But I promise something a little different tomorrow.

On Sunday, Paul, Misti and I had lunch at Hopdoddy in Overton Square. I've been there a few times, and I always get the Impossible Burger because it's delicious. But I've had the Impossible quite a bit lately, so I decided to try the La Bandita Burger (a black bean and corn burger), ordered vegan-style with vegan mayo and Field Roast Chao Cheese.

Delicious! It has that crumblier quality that bean-based veggie burgers have, but that's okay. It tastes like a true bean burger (amazing flavor!). I felt a little healthier eating this, though I did have a number of their Kennebec fries and an 18-ounce Meddlesome Brewing Co. 201 Hoplar beer.

Here's something WAY healthier! Yesterday's lunch was a Giant Salad with chickpeas, leftover barley-mushroom pilaf (more on that tomorrow), carrots, cucumber, snap peas, kraut, lettuce (from my CSA!), and oil-free tahini dressing.

Breakfast this week — when I'm not having smoothies — has been Tofu Egg & Avocado Breakfast Sandwiches. I've been pan-frying slabs of tofu spread with Vegg yolk (made with Vegg powder), and then I put those onto a sandwich with mashed avocado, sriracha, and sprouted grain toast. Yum! Messy since the Vegg yolk and avocado are both soft, spreadable things, but so tasty.

I've just started training for the Stanky Creek 50K (!!!!), so I'm now doing back-to-back long runs every Saturday and Sunday. This weekend was the first weekend of training, so I did an 8-mile run on Saturday morning after this bowl of Oatmeal with Nectarine, Maple, & Nuttzo nut & seed butter.

And on Sunday, Paul and I ran 6 miles together. But first, I had a Nature's Valley Maple Pecan Oat Cup with Nectarines (from my CSA!) and Cashew Butter. Oats are my fave pre-long run food!


Unknown said...

I love your what i ate posts!
That burger sounds like something i would enjoy much more than the impossible burger, although it’s so tall I’m not sure how you even eat it...
the tofu egg avocado sandwich is brilliant! Last i looked for the Vegg egg it was sold out- which is a good thing- but I really have to try that.
Good luck on the training, that’s an intense race!

vegan peace said...

I love your what I ate posts! That tofu and avocado sandwichh is making me drool! What a great idea to cover the tofu with the vegg!
You make me really, really wish I enjoyed oatmeal more!

Sarah said...

I will never be sick of these stuff I ate posts! They are amazing and always inspiring! Your breakfast sandwich looks incredible and your oatmeal looks amazing too! The burger looks yummy too and the salad looks so satisfying!

Trixie said...

Wait, how do you use this Vegg egg?