Sunday, October 8, 2017

Picnicking on the Mississippi River!

Sunday Funday! Today was a rare Sunday that I actually had zero responsibilities. I got all my chores done on Saturday, and my only plan — a friend's birthday brunch — was cancelled. So we slept in until 8 (I know, that's not late. But when you typically wake up at 5 am, it's pretty great), and then Paul and I brainstormed what to do.

He had never been over the Big River Crossing, the new(ish) pedestrain walkway over the Mississippi River. It goes from downtown Memphis to West Memphis, Arkansas. I run over the bridge all the time, but I wanted Paul to check it out. We packed a picnic, and he invited his friend Cory.

We drove downtown and walked about a mile over the bridge, which crosses over the river, into Arkansas. Here's a view of the Memphis skyline over the river.

And here's the view from Arkansas, over some fields. You can see the Pyramid!

We grabbed a picnic table on the Arkansas side and spread out out food.

Every store in Midtown was out of vegan deli meats, so I bought some Field Roast Celebration Roast and sliced it very thinly to make sandwiches. Cory and Paul (not vegans!) loved the Field Roast! Paul actually couldn't stop eating it off the cutting board when I was making sandwiches (and he requested two sandwiches). I made mine with Chao cheese, Dijon, & vegan mayo.

I also had hummus & pita, baby carrots & vegan ranch, marinated beets, and grapes. Oh, and wine! We brought two bottles — red and white.

After the picnic, we made the long trek back over the river to our car. Paul brought his bluetooth speaker, so we played some 80s dance tunes for the walk and sang along (loudly). Pretty sure all the other walkers and runners on the bridge were totally into our jams.

Paul took a quick selfie at the state line over the river!


Rose T. said...

Every store in Athens, GA is also out of vegan lunchmeats! I have been Googling to try to figure out what is going on but I can't find anything. I asked at our co-op and the manager told me that Tofurkey at least has been out at the distribution center for weeks. I wonder what is happening.....I am interested to try the Celebration Roast in general but even more interested now that I know Paul was that into it - maybe my vegetarian partner would be as well. :)

vegan peace said...

My favorite way to eat the celebration roast is in sandwiches with vegan mayo and a little Dijon mustard. I miss celebration roast, why must all good things contain gluten?
Looks like a really fun day!

Cadry said...

I love the Celebration Roast (and everything by Field Roast), but I've never put it on a sandwich! Sounds delicious, even though it wasn't your original intention. This sounds like a really fun way to spend an afternoon.

Unknown said...

Celebration roast is so much better than regular vegan deli slices!! With dijon i bet that made an awesome sandwich. I can only find the celebration roast in the fall/holidays so i get a few when they go on sale and freeze extras.
What a fun day! And fun that you were serenading fellow walkers on your way back :))