Tuesday, October 17, 2017

37th Birthday Weekend, Day 3!

Last birthday post, I swear! Well, until next year when I do it all over again. But as I mentioned over the past couple posts, I stretched my 37th birthday (which was yesterday) out for 3 days with fun celebrations every day. My big friend gathering with dinner and a night out was Saturday. Sunday, we did birthday brunch and a celebration with my family.

Here's my 37th birthday selfie! I take one every year.

On Monday — my actual birthday — I took off work for a stay-cay day with Paul. I slept in until 7:30 (omg!) and then had Ramen Noodles with Tofu & Veggies in my PJs while I watched The Walking Dead on Netflix (I'm a season behind — no spoilers, please!).

I also had some coffee in a new mug that my mom had made for me. It has Maynard on it! He was impressed.

After breakfast, Paul and I went for an easy 3-mile run on the V&E Greenline by our house in Crosstown.

Typically, after a run, I have a protein shake or protein waffle. But I skipped that in favor of leftover Fried Vegan Drumsticks from Imagine Vegan Cafe. We'd eaten brunch there on Sunday, so I had some left, plus leftover mac and collards. Paul had some leftover biscuits and gravy and a piece of a waffle, also from Imagine. So I just made a giant plate!

My parents gave me birthday money to buy new running shoes, so we went to Breakaway Running for a little shopping time in the afternoon. I went back to Brooks Ghosts after a year-long break from them. Last year's model had a weird, hard plastic toe box that made my big toes go numb, but that's gone from the Ghost 10s. Can't wait to try them out after work today!

I also decided to buy myself a jean jacket as a birthday gift to myself. I've gotten so many patches and pins from Goddess Provisions boxes, plus other places. I put ALL of my patches and pins on my jacket. Maybe it's a little busy, but I don't care! Love it!

Around 4 pm, we headed to Alchemy for happy hour cocktails. They have half-off all cocktails and appetizers! I started with a Dirty Martini.

And Paul had a (not vegan) White Russian.

We also ordered an appetizer of Edamame Hummus to share. The hummus was fantastic, but those roasted chickpeas stole the show. They were so crunchy and perfect.

Then it was time for dinner! We drove out east to City Silo Table + Pantry — a super vegan-friendly place with bowls and sandwiches — to meet Mike, Andy, and Tyler.

After a weekend of fried craziness and booze, it felt really awesome to be eating such a healthy dinner. The El Goodo Bowl had buffalo tempeh, brown rice, quinoa, garlic greens, black beans, corn, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and a serrano-avocado sauce. YUM!

I had such an amazing 37th birthday weekend! Thanks for all the birthday wishes (and thanks for putting up with my many birthday posts!).


Unknown said...

I'm so glad you took the day off from work and really enjoyed it properly! Looks like a fun day- early happy hour drinks are the best kind. I swear i go to my favorite spanish wine bar because they have these crunchy spiced chickpeas that i crave.... dinner looks great, especially the thick tempeh slices.

Jennifer Bliss said...

Per usual - I'm jealous of all of your vegan eats available in your area! But in a GOOD way, I'm jealous, of course! LOL -

LOVING all of your shirts lately! And that Jean Jacket OMG!!!!!

vegan peace said...

What a great way to celebrate your actual birthday! I love the Maynard coffee mug!

Susan said...

Sounds like an amazing weekend all round! I love the Maynard mug. And nifty jean jacket.

Jennifer said...

haha Paul's face makes him look like the Vegan Crunk rebel. Breaking the rules! Although he makes me want a white russian. too bad I have none of the ingredients XD

Women are just so obsessed with shoes! ^__~