Thursday, August 31, 2017

More Stuff I Ate

I should call this one "stuff I ate: Crosstown edition," because most of the meal pics I'm sharing today were meals purchased in Crosstown Concourse (the amazing urban village my little world revolves around).

Last Friday, I stopped by French Truck Coffee in Crosstown Concourse for lunch. They don't have a ton of vegan food options, but there are a couple things, like this amazing Avocado Toast! It's served on toasted focaccia bread and it's topped with pickled onions and tomato. Just perfect.

Of course, avo toast isn't enough for a lunch, so I grabbed a side of veggies from the Curb Market hot bar (Curb is the grocery store inside Crosstown Concourse). On Friday, they had Ratatouille, Sauteed Squash & Cauliflower, and Roasted Garlic Potatoes, so I combined all of those.

I work out at two different gyms. One is Envision Memphis, which is located downtown, but I also hit up the Church Health YMCA in Concourse a few times a week. Last Thursday morning, I did a hill run workout on the treadmill since we don't have actual hills in Memphis to train on. After my run, I popped over to Juice Bar (just downstairs from the Y) for this Coffee Janet Smoothie (banana, cacao, almond butter, almond milk, coffee, and vegan protein powder).

Another quick lunch from Curb Market! They have Vegan Caesar Salads (the dressing is made with silken tofu) in the grab and go case. And they had Gazpacho as the soup of the day.

MEMPopS just opened in Concourse a couple weekends ago. It's a craft ice pop shop, and they have the best fruit pops. They've been around in Memphis for a few years with a food truck and ice pop stands at festivals. But it's awesome having a permanent location near my office! I got this Hibiscus Lemonade Pop last week.

Okay, that's all for the Concourse eats. But here's another meal from my Crosstown neighborhood. I had brunch with my bitches on Sunday at Midtown Crossing Grill. Got the Vegan Waffle with Agave Strawberries and a side of Vegan Sausage. Plus, not pictured, a vegan bloody mary!

Here's a post-run smoothie, made at home. Blueberries, banana, Vega Protein & Greens Coconut Almond Protein Powder, almond milk, and coconut cream.

I typically have protein smoothies or protein waffles after my runs, but on Tuesday, I wasn't feeling a sweet breakfast. While on my run, I dreamed up this Savory Eggy Tofu Bowl with I Heart Keenwah toasted quinoa hot cereal, nooch, tofu slices cooked in Vegg yolk, avocado, tomato, hemp hearts, and hot sauce. SO GOOD. Will be making this again!

And lastly, here's a burger I ate — Lightlife Black Bean Burger with Chao Cheese, side of Airfried Sweet Potatoes.


vegan peace said...

That avocado toast is seriously out of this world!! It's so pretty.
I love the breakfast you dreamed up, it looks incredible. Aren't some of the best meals the meals that just pop into your head??

Sarah said...

I don't know why I never thought to add coffee to my banana smoothie but that looks and sounds amazing. The avocado toast is gorgeous and omg that burger! Yum!