Thursday, August 17, 2017

More Stuff I Ate

And here are some more random meals from the past couple weeks!

I made a Breakfast Sandwich using JL Field's recipe for Tofu Bacon Wraps (smoky tofu wrapped in rice paper) from The Vegan Air Fryer Cookbook, Follow Your Heart Vegan Egg, and Daiya Cheddar.

Are you tired of seeing FitQuick waffles yet? Probably! But I eat these gluten-free, high-protein waffles at least once a week. I posted one yesterday, but here's another! This one is Dark Chocolate Raspberry Waffle with Coconut Butter & Strawberries.

I'm still doing my GBOMBS thing. Just making sure I get my greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries, and nuts/seeds daily. Many of those things fit into my morning protein smoothies. This one has kale, mixed berries, banana, almond milk, chia seed, and coconut-almond Vega Protein & Greens powder. Check out my new Choose 901 Grit & Grind glass ("grit and grind" is a Memphis thang, y'all).

And another breakfast — Dave's Whole Wheat Bagel with Miso and Avocado. Yum! Sadly, this avocado was a little unripe, so this wasn't as good as it should have been. But still good.

The Curb Market in Crosstown Concourse carries Tofurky Hot Pockets! Yay. It's the only place in town where I can find them! I had a Ham & Cheese Pocket with Potato Salad at my desk one day last week. Sorry, but working lunches just aren't that pretty.

When I was visiting Sheridan in Little Rock last weekend, I stopped by their Whole Foods and picked up some Vegan Buffalo Chicken Salad from the deli. The Memphis Whole Foods doesn't sell this, and it makes me sad because it's so good! Vegan chicken mixed with a spicy mayo sauce and herbs. Mmmmm. Had some on a Buffalo Chicken Salad Sandwich with Sauteed Veggies for lunch one day this week.

At last week's Food Truck Friday at Crosstown Concourse, I was introduced to a new food truck that may be my new fave! The Kebab Food Truck has vegan options clearly marked and the Falafel Sandwich with Spicy Garlic Sauce (and a side of Basmati Rice, hiding under the sandwich) is the best falafel I've had in a long time!

Finally, here's a sandwich I ordered at Imagine Vegan Cafe last night! Portabella Mushroom Sandwich with housemade vegan cheese, tomato, and lettuce, side of Steamed Broccoli.


Sarah said...

Yum!! I will never get tired of seeing those waffles, especially when they involve chocolate and strawberries ;) The breakfast sandwich looks incredible! I definitely want to try to recreate my favorite breakfast burrito at some point. Unripe avocado is so disappointing but I'm sure that falafel made up for it.

Unknown said...

The falafel sandwich came with a side of...,,,rice?? Huh. Certainly looks like a tasty assortment of toppings on it.
I had no idea there was such a thing as a tofurkey hot pocket!! I've actually never had any kind of hot pocket but maybe it's time to fix that.

Whole foods here has a not spicy vegan chicken salad that sounds nearly the same, actually my omni mom picked it up by mistake and discovered she likes it better! Now she buys it all the time :))

Good looking portobello sandwich there, that's such a classic combo.
Ttrockwood said...

I'll never get tired of seeing those waffles! You always make them look so good!