Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Stuff I Ate

Hey y'all. Here are some random things I've been eating.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I live and work around the Crosstown Concourse building, which is slowly coming to life as construction wraps up and new restaurants and businesses open almost weekly. A couple weeks ago, Farm Burger (a small burger chain) opened in Concourse, and I had high hopes for vegan options there. Farm Burger offers a vegan tempeh burger at a few locations, including the one in Nashville. But sadly, I was disappointed when I learned that the Memphis location is offering their vegetarian burger instead. It's made with quinoa and contains eggs. BUMMER. They did say that if they get enough requests for a vegan option, they may add one. So Memphis vegans, unite! Go ask for it! Until then, they do have a vegan salad — the Superfood Salad (kale, cranberries, walnuts, beets, tahini dressing, and nooch). It's a great salad, and the fries are amazing. Plus, local beer. But I'd be much happier with a burger over a salad.

Fridays this summer at Concourse are Food Truck Fridays, and a couple Fridays ago, I got this awesome Chickpeas & Rice dish from the Paul's Cariflavor truck. It has curried chickpeas and pigeon peas with potatoes and rice. Oh man!! So good! They also serve this in vegan roti, and it's amazing too.

Here's a quick dinner of a Sprouts Vegan Chicken Patty Sandwich and a side Potato Salad. The sandwich has sauteed mushrooms and cashew cheese.

Those Sprouts patties are just okay. I probably won't buy them again for me (but Paul loves them so we may keep them around for him). I much prefer the vegan Boca chicken patties. The Sprouts ones are a little mushy, but they were okay. I had one here on a salad with some Just Caesar Dressing and Focaccia Bread with Cashew Cheese.

Post-run protein! I love these Orgain Protein Shakes when I want something less than a smoothie (like when I know I'll be going out to lunch or brunch within an hour or so post-run).

Still eating lots of FitQuick protein waffles! Here's an Orange Cream Bar Protein Waffle with Coconut Butter and Fresh Raspberries. 22 grams of protein! Plus healthy coconut fat!

I found a jar of pepper jelly in my pantry that I've had for an embarrassingly long time. But it was still sealed so it was fine! Enjoyed some on a Dave's Whole Wheat Bagel with Cashew Cheese before a Saturday long run.

More randomness coming at ya tomorrow!


Unknown said...

I've been loving the Orgain shakes too- actually ordered their peanut butter protein powder at a good price from and it is sooo good! Actually great just mixed with almond milk, can't say that about a lot of protein powders.

How silly they don't have the tempeh burger on the menu everywhere! The salad looks great but... totally not the same when you want a buger.
I love finding random condiments i forgot about like your pepper jelly!

Blake Fraina said...

I have a million year old jar of pepper jelly in my cupboard. Never could think of anything to do with it (most people use it on meat, I suspect). Toasted bagel w/faux cream cheese looks like a pretty good idea. Must break that stuff out.

Sarah said...

Ooh yum, everything looks amazing! Those fries look so perfect, definitely craving some right now. The salad with focaccia also looks pretty incredible! And that waffle, yum!

Jennifer said...

I never understood why places don't just use a vegan burger instead of the vegetarian one? It's like having a wheat free bun but isn't gluten-free. You could expand your customer base! *sigh* That salad does look pretty good though.