Monday, August 14, 2017

Goddess Box: Unicorn Magic

It's Goddess Provisions box unpacking time again! I subscribe to their monthly goddess box, which is always filled with crystals, oils, vegan treats, and other magical items. This month's theme was Unicorn Magic, which is just awesome because UNICORNS! I'm so into unicorns. And really, who isn't? Here is all the magical rainbow goodness packed inside the August box.

There's a unicorn-inspired essential oil blend, a chakra oil diffuser, a rainbow energy inhaler, a unicorn makeup brush, vegan sprinkles, a self-care sticker, unicorn cream highlighter, and a rose quartz-amethyst orgone wand.

As always, the crystals are my fave, and this unicorn horn filled with rose quartz and amethyst is awesome. The tiny crystals are encased in resin. The Goddess Provisions folks suggest using this as a massager for the feet, hands, neck, and shoulders, and I've been doing just that. As a runner, my feet take a beating nearly every day, and a little personal foot massage is always in order.

There are seven different Soul Candy Chakra Diffusers, each one associated with one of the seven chakras, so it was a surprise which chakra would come in your box. Mine came with this lovely purple crown chakra stone. You're supposed to apply a little essential oil to the white part and use this in meditation. I've applied lavender oil to mine, and I keep it by my bedside to diffuse its relaxing scent while I sleep.

Sometimes the goddess boxes come with fun vegan makeup, and I'm always super-stoked when that happens. This month, there was a Let's Put a Bird On It Unicorn Dust Highlighter. It's a shiny glimmer cream that helps highlight my cheekbones (and helps my face glitter stay on!). The unicorn fan brush is cute as hell, and I've been using it to apply said face glitter.

There were a couple of smell-good stuffs in the box — a Soul Sunday Unicorn Aromatherapy Roller (with lavender and peppermint!) and an Awaken Essentials Oils Rainbow Energy Inhaler. The unicorn roller has a bright minty scent, and I've found it's great for healing headaches when rolled on my temples. The inhaler is probably my second fave thing in the box (after the crystal wand) because it smells heavenly with its blend of rose, sweet orange, lemon, green mandarin, blue chamomile, and lavender essential oils. I carry it in my purse for a mid-day energy boost.

I love this self-care sticker! So cute! I'm not sure where to put it yet, but I've been thinking of getting back into journaling. So I may save this for a future journal.

And finally, the sprinkles! These Sweetapolita Twinkle Sprinkles are so fun! They have little gold stars mixed in. It's so hard to find good vegan sprinkles, so I'm glad to have these. I'm sure they'll find their way onto homemade doughnuts and cupcakes soon.

But right away, I had to try them on this Unicorn Latte from the Goddess Provisions blog. They posted a recipe to accompany the box, and it sounded so yummy that I had to make it. It's warm almond milk with melted coconut butter, cinnamon and cardamom, dates, and beet powder for color (I subbed beet juice). I had this as a mid-afternoon snack last week, and it was delicious. The sprinkles are super-sweet, and they were just perfect with this healthy blend of good fats and spices.

By the way, I'm a Goddess Provisions ambassador, which means I make a couple bucks if anyone signs up using this link. I don't get my boxes free though, just to be clear. I subscribe and pay the $33 a month, and it's totally worth it. It's a great deal, and the boxes are so much fun!


Blake Fraina said...

Let's Put a Bird on It!!! - HAAAAAAA-HAAAAAA. That's from "Portlandia." If you don't know it, google it. You'll get a giggle.

Sarah said...

OMG yes!!! This box is everything!! The highlight is so gorgeous and you look amazing with it on! The brush is so cute too. I have had Sweetapolita on my radar for a long time now and I have been excited to order some sprinkles from them. They are the most beautiful, vibrant vegan sprinkles I have seen. Maybe as we get closer to the holidays and the baking will start to get serious then ;) Such a fun box!

Susan said...

This box looks like so much fun!
I love unicorn everything!!