Monday, September 4, 2017

Meet the New Baby Squirrels!

Hi!!!!!!!! I have some exciting news to share. For the FOURTH YEAR IN A ROW, the Universe has dropped baby squirrels into my life. Meet Kevin and Kathy.

Seriously, y'all. This is getting weird. If you've followed the blog (or my Instagram account) for a few years, you know that, somehow, every year around this time, I end up raising orphaned baby squirrels. The first two — Herman and Mabel — fell from their nests in my backyard. In both cases, my pit bull Maynard found them when we let him out to pee in the wee morning hours. The third one, Gertrude, was discovered in Overton Park by my neighbor, and he showed up on my doorstep one night and just handed me a baby squirrel wrapped in a towel. He said, "You're the only person I know who knows what to do."

This always happens in late August, and so when August passed, Paul and I were certain we'd escaped "baby squirrel season." And then Saturday night, after we returned from the gay bar with some friends, we let Maynard out to pee, and we heard that tell-tale baby squirrel screech. Paul walked around to where Maynard was sniffing, and he found FOUR BABIES just laying on the concrete in our backyard. They'd clearly fallen from our tree, but there was no sign of a mama squirrel. We had a big storm on Thursday as Hurricane Harvey moved through, and we're thinking maybe they fell then.

Sadly, two of the four babies were already dead. Paul buried them in our backyard. But two — a boy and a girl — were doing okay. They had bloody noses and were very dehydrated, but a wet washcloth and some Pedialyte fixed them right up. Now Kevin and Kathy are doing great!

I'm guessing they're a little over four weeks old at this point. As you can see, one of Kathy's eyes are just starting to open, which tends to happen at five weeks.

They're strong little boogers, and Kevin especially has a very firm grip. He loves to crawl around on arm!

So I guess Bianca and Paul's Home for Orphaned Baby Squirrels is back in business! We'll raise these two indoors until they're ready for release at 12 weeks. Just FYI — if anyone else needs a good resource for how to raise baby squirrels, here's the website we use. It's helped us successfully raise three babies, and hopefully it'll get us through raising two more.

I'll be sure and share more squirrel pics as they grow!


Sarah said...

That is so sweet and amazing that you have been caring for all of these squirrels! They are so cute! The timing is so strange though! I'm so sad that two hadn't made it but I know you Kevin and Kathy are in good hands with you and Paul.

lauren said...

How precious!! They are so adorable. Glad you guys were there to help them.

Jennifer Bliss said...

OMG! They are adorable and I'm so glad they found you! Can't wait to hear about the progress!!! Bless you and your home of opening it up to these babies!!!!

psychlori said...

I think you are awesome. I read your blog everyday!

Julie said...

Best of luck with raising Kevin and Kathy; they're definitely in good hands with you! :)

Anonymous said...

You're lucky you find orphaned babies. Me? I only find dying ones and nowhere to obtain help for them.

Barb said...

Oh man, those squirrels are lucky to have been born in your tree! :)

vegan peace said...

I just love that you are a little squirrel mama! It's really amazing that they find you. I can't wait to see them grow!!

Jennifer said...

~*it's the most wonderful time of the year*~
I guess it is officially your squirrel season.