Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Stuff I Ate

Some random meals! A couple Wednesdays ago, I met my friends Mike and Andy for dinner at Imagine Vegan Cafe. I got the Spinach Florentine Ravioli with Garlic Bread. Such a classic. This meal always make me feel like a kid again.

I met Pam for lunch at Next Door in Crosstown Concourse one day last week, and I got the Hummus & Flatbread appetizer for my meal. Next Door's awesome creamy hummus is served with the softest, awesomest flatbread, crunchy veggies, and a cold, spicy chickpea dish. I love snacky plates as meals.

I also ordered a cup of Next Door's Thai Butternut Squash Soup because I wanted to try it. This soup is SO GOOD. I can't wait to eat this all the time as we're entering soup season.

We have a catered staff lunch at work once a month, and there's always a vegan option (thanks for making that happen, Stacy!). This past month, we had Vegan Potato Skins (with Daiya and mushrooms!) and Salad from Midtown Crossing Grill. LOVED these potato skins, and I'll definitely be ordering these in the restaurant soon.

As always, I'm eating plenty of FitQuick protein waffles after my runs. Here's a Chocolate Raspberry Protein Waffle with Maple PB and Strawberries.

And here's a weird breakfast that I make every once in awhile. The idea came from Sarah Kramer and Tonya Bernard's How It All Vegan (my first vegan cookbook!) — Brown Rice Tofu Toast. You cook brown rice, crumble plain tofu into it, and serve atop toast. Then you spray that toast with Bragg's, drizzle with flax oil, and top with ketchup. Weird, but delicious.

More random meals coming at ya tomorrow!


Jennifer Bliss said...

Everything looks great! I love hearing about the vegan stops you visit! There aren't any/many here so I have to live my life vicariously thru you!

Sarah said...

I'm with Jennifer, everything looks amazing! That ravioli looks so good and you can't go wrong with a nice piece of bread on the side. You know I love my mediterranean plates and that one is gorgeous. I've been thinking about potato skins for a while now and I think it's time to make some!

Unknown said...

Thai butternut squash is a combo i need to make! Was there coconut milk in it? I postpone soup making til it gets really cold but then i literally have soup at least once a day alllll winter so i start stocking my freezer about now!
Potato skins??? Yes yes yes.
Sorry but that tofu brown rice toast totally sounds like something i made in college!! Haha, lots of weird and random cooking during those years- and so much rice that i still avoid it now, i ate a lifetime worth in four years!