Sunday, September 10, 2017

Enchanted Forest Goddess Box!

My September Goddess Provisions box arrived last week! The theme this month is "Enchanted Forest," so my subscription box was packed with items to help me connect to my wild roots. Every month, the Goddess Provisions boxes have a theme, and the crystals, oils, snacks, incenses, and other items tie into that theme.

Here's what was inside (Buddha not included!).

There's a Crescent Moon wall hanging, a wooden mandala keychain, cedar eucalyptus body polish, eucalyptus essential oil, incense cones, a moss agate crystal, a smudge bundle, and a smudge bundle pin.

My favorite item this month is probably the Brie McKay Good Vibes smudge bundle pin because how cute is this?! I really need to get a demin jacket for fall for all of my awesome pins and iron-on patches that I've been getting in these boxes. I was also glad to have the Blue Sage Smudge Bundle because one can't have too many smudge sticks. I burn these often around the house to clear negativity.

I always love the crystals, and this moss agate makes me very happy. It's the loveliest piece of moss agate I own (I have several stones), and I can't wait to work this into a crystal grid. Moss agate is a stone of new beginnings and abundance — great for the upcoming season change!

The Trillium Organics Cedar Eucalyptus Body Polish smells like a forest! I've been using this in the shower for the last couple days. It makes my skin feel so soft!

I'm glad to have more eucalyptus essential oil! This oil by Plantlife is 100% pure, and it's just what I need as we move into cold and flu season. I don't get sick often, but when I do, eucalyptus oil is crucial. It's also just great for helping me breathe when I wake up all stuffy every morning. I always wake up with a stuffy nose (it's probably all the cat hair I'm breathing in all day). 

I've been burning the Element Botanicals Incense Cones, and they have a nice, crisp, woodsy scent thanks to palo santo and pine resin. 

I have a thing for mandalas. I'm actually part of the Memphis Mandala Makers Club, which gets together occasionally to draw and color mandalas. So I love this Laser Trees keychain! It's made from cherry wood, which promotes stability and enhances focus.

The Wanderluxe crescent moon wall hanging is awesome! It's made from poplar tree wood, and it's supposed to bring balance and abundance to your home. I hung this in the kitchen since it's the room I spend most of my time in.

That's it! I was a little bummed this box didn't come with some kind of consumable item. Usually, there's a snack or a tea. But that's okay. I love everything in the box! 

Just FYI — this isn't a sponsored post. I subscribe and pay the $33 a month for Goddess Provisions boxes, but I am an ambassador for the company, so I always share this link in case anyone wants to subscribe. 

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