Monday, April 3, 2017

Sunup Green Coffee

I'm a BIG coffee drinker. Like I cannot function without it. Once, I tried a 28-day cleanse that required giving up coffee (as well as booze, sugar, gluten, and processed food). I was fine without the alcohol, bread, and sweets (okay, maybe not fine, but I could deal). But I had a number of emotional breakdowns from the lack of coffee. At that point, I vowed NEVER AGAIN. Since then, when I've done cleanses or reset plans, I've always included coffee in my plan.

That said, sometimes, on the weekends — especially after a long run — it can be 1 or 2 p.m. before I'm getting around to my morning coffee. I don't drink coffee before runs because I fear I'll have to stop and pee. Anyway, a hot cup of coffee seems less appealing to me later in the day. I need the caffeine, but I'd rather have something cold.

Sure, I could just make iced coffee. But lately, I've been digging this Sunup Green Coffee, enjoyed cold over ice or straight from the bottle.

Sunup sent me a box of sample bottles of their tea-style drink made from unroasted coffee beans. I'd had green coffee extract in foods before, but I'd never drank straight green coffee. I'll admit that it was a little weird at first.

The drink is sweetened with cane sugar, so it's sufficiently sweet. But the unroasted flavor is quite different from how my usual roasted morning joe tastes. It's hard to explain the flavor, but I'd say it has a brightness, almost an unripe flavor. And it's slightly bitter. I know those descriptors don't make it sound appealing, but it works. The sweetness from the cane sugar ties it all together, and you end up with a drink that tastes more like iced tea than smoky, roasted coffee. It goes down smoothly and feels a little lighter on the tummy.

Why green coffee? Well, the Sunup folks tout the natural antioxidants (called polyphenols) and the lower acidity. And since it's unroasted, there's no need to add preservatives or additives. As for the caffeine content (that's what REALLY matters to me), they say each bottle has the same caffeine as a large iced, roasted coffee.

It looks like you can only buy the bottles in stores in the New York City area, but you can order six-packs and 12-packs on the Sunup website. If you're a coffee drinker who sometimes likes to mix it up, I'd recommend giving it a try!


vegan peace said...

I've heard of green coffee before, I think maybe Starbucks was selling it at some point when I still lived in Seattle? Do you drink it straight with no creamer?

Jennifer Bliss said...

There are some benefits of Green Coffee - indeed! I'm more of a tea person - but I would try it!

Sarah said...

Interesting, I don't know if I've ever heard of green coffee! I try not to drink coffee that much but sometimes I really just miss the taste of it. This sounds really interesting!

Jennifer said...

I feel like this is the golden age for the coffee plant! I've seen so many alternative coffee drinks/foods lately. Some using unroasted beans and some using the fruit meat of the plant. I hope they extend their sales into New Jersey and I can try a bottle!