Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter/Passover Brunch Potluck!

A couple days ago, my brunch gang and I were mulling over what to do about Easter brunch since our usual spot, Imagine Vegan Cafe, would be closed for the holiday. Last year, we had a little Easter potluck at Pam's, and Stephanie suggested we do the same this year. Only now Pam lives in a smaller place and has a roommate, and Stephanie doesn't have much furniture. Megan couldn't join us since she has Easter family obligations. So that left me to host!

We invited Shay, Jennifer and Simon, and Stephanie's bf Paul and made it a party!

Since I'm working my way through Isa's The Superfun Times Vegan Holiday Cookbook this year, I knew I had to make something from the Easter chapter. And the Glazed Tofu Ham had been calling my name since I bought the book. I made a double batch, and I'm so glad I did because I have just enough left to add to salads later this week! The tofu is marinated in a sweet and savory sauce, and then it's baked and glazed. Definitely the best vegan ham I've had.

I also needed to make something from the Passover chapter in The Superfun Times Vegan Holiday Cookbook before Passover ends this week, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. I'm not Jewish, nor do I have any experience at all with Passover foods. But the Charoset sounded really good and wholesome! It's made with dates, grated apples, toasted walnuts, grape Manischewitz wine, and maple syrup. You're supposed to serve it with matzoh, but I had the HARDEST time finding matzoh! We have a kosher Kroger out east near the temple, but apparently, you have to get your matzoh before Passover begins in this city. That Kroger (as well as several other Krogers and Whole Foods) were totally wiped out! I finally found some at the SuperLo, and there were only two boxes left! 

Stephanie brought a Vegan Sausage Quiche, which is one of mine and Pam's favorite things! Stephanie is the QUICHE MASTER.

Jennifer and Simon brought Mashed Potatoes & Mushroom Gravy. Because it's not Easter without mashed potatoes! 

Shay brought a really yummy, creamy Potato Casserole that had both white and sweet potatoes.

And Pam whipped up some Vegan Tofu "Eggs" Benedict at my house! She brought all of her ingredients and cooked them when she got here. The sauce was really rich and buttery. 

Here's my savory plate!

But wait! There's more! Of course, we also had plenty of sweets! Stephanie made a French Toast Casserole that was basically bread pudding. But as she pointed out, when you call it "French Toast Casserole," then it's okay to eat it for breakfast.

Jennifer and Simon brought Baked Carrot Cake Oatmeal! And Jennifer brought along her homemade vegan yogurt as a topping. This was a totally healthy dessert that I feel like would make a fine weekday breakfast!

Shay made some Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins that were just stellar. I feel like muffins are a must at any spring potluck!

My dessert plate!

It's not brunch without booze, so we polished off the Manischewitz that I used for the Charoset. This was my first time trying Manischewitz, and it was really good! I'm not usually into sweet wines, but this tasted like grape juice with a kick. And I liked it!

We also made Bloody Marys using locally made Nikki's Hot Ass Bloody Mary Mix (it's vegan!), but I failed to take a picture of mine. I had that with my savories, and I was too busy eating to take pictures. And then, I poured a Mimosa to drink with dessert. Notice Stephanie's photo bomb here. We're such good, holy girls, am I right?

Good times! None of us celebrate Easter or Passover in a religious sense, but we'll take any excuse to get together for food and cocktails. It's also a bit of a last supper for me because, starting Monday, I'm embarking on a three-day juice and smoothie reboot! I'm doing Kris Carr's #greendrinkaday Challenge (Y'all join me! Sign up here and get a free juice e-book!), and you're supposed to have one green drink each day for 10 days. But I'm kicking that off with three full days of juices, smoothies, and raw foods — just as a way to get myself back on a healthy eating track. I've been going a little hard lately with travel and holidays and such. It's time to reign it in a little!

So I'll be back tomorrow with a full report from day one of my Green Drinks Reboot!


Susan said...

What a magical brunch! I made the tofu ham for dinner last night and it was great.
I almost made the charoset to cover the passover chapter last week, but I ended up going with the tempeh shepherd's pie.

Michelle said...

WOW the food looks great!! Holidays provide a great excuse to get together with friends/family. My family always makes way too much food for passover seder and then everybody gets sent home with leftovers for the holiday week. Tradition :)

vegan peace said...

The tofu ham looks really great. I need to get that cookbook, the food you've been making from it is drool inducing!!
Looks like a really delicious and fun day!!

Christine @ Run Plant Based said...

Everything looks wonderful, especially the tofu ham! We always have way too much food for family gatherings and I need to smoothie reboot too!

Jennifer Bliss said...

WOWZA!!!! What a PARTY! Very nice! LOVED seeing the brunch bunch and the food!