Thursday, April 27, 2017

Goddess Provisions April Box!

Okay, so I'm way behind in sharing with y'all what was in my April Goddess Provisions subscription box. But better late than never! The monthly box of oils, crystals, vegan snacks, and other goodies arrived in early April, and I've been using most of this stuff almost daily since! April's theme was Sun Energy, which was just perfect as we're finally starting to see some super sunny days and warm spring temps.

There were konjac facial sponges, an amethyst orgone pyramid, lemon ginger macaroons, citrusy energy perfume, a rose water & essential oil surrounding mist, a sunstone, and some greens powder.

Of course my favorite box item are always the crystals, and there were two this month! This orgone pyramid is just gorgeous. It's stuffed with amethysts and copper, and it's said to convert negative energy into positive energy. You're supposed to keep it near you as you sleep to neutralize energy from electronic devices. Since I sleep with my cell phone on my nightstand, I placed this right next to it.

There was also a little pink sunstone, which promotes a sense of abundance and enjoyment of life. Meditating with this stone helps us to feel more warmth toward ourselves and others. I've been carrying this in my purse (along with some special crystals to counteract any negative effects of Mercury Retrograde, which lasts until May 3rd).

The Coal Miner's Daughter Sun Mist and the Miss Violet Lace Energy Perfume both have strong citrus notes from essential oils. The energy perfume is great for getting me going in the a.m., and I've been using the sun mist as a toner after I wash my face each morning.

I've also been using the Andalou Naturals Konjac Sponges when I wash my face in the morning. I love the way these super-squishy sponges feel after they soak for a few minutes in warm water.

There's always a snack in each box, and these Emmy's Organics Lemon Ginger Macaroons are, perhaps, one of my favorite box snacks yet. They're raw macaroons made with coconut, ginger, and lemon, and they taste like sunshine. Each bag has three little bites.

And finally, I was super excited to get the Healthforce Vitamineral Green powder in the box! I've really been getting into green smoothies lately (as opposed to my usual not-so-green protein smoothies). While I love adding fresh greens, this stuff is great in a pinch when your greens are not-so-fresh anymore. I used a teaspoon in my dinner smoothie last night actually! I had an after-work meeting and didn't have time to eat a real dinner, so I whipped up a Creamsicle Smoothie (orange, banana, sunflower seed, almond-cashew milk) from Crazy Sexy Juice and added a little Vitamineral Green powder. Topped with dried orange peel here because I was trying to be fancy despite being pressed for time.

By the way, I'm a Goddess Provisions ambassador, which means I make a couple bucks if anyone signs up using this link. I don't get my boxes free though, just to be clear. I subscribe and pay the $33 a month, and it's totally worth it. It's a great deal, and the boxes are so much fun!


vegan peace said...

I love the sound of the perfume, citrus smells really wake me up and make me feel energized! The crystal you put on your nightstand is gorgeous!!

Sarah said...

Awww I love the sun theme this month! It is definitely perfect timing and everything they put is so well thought out! That pyramid is GORGEOUS!

Tea and Sympatico said...

Another great box! Love the variety. I've used the konjac sponges in the past and love them.