Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Food & New Hours at Cosmic Coconut

I've blogged about Cosmic Coconut a few times before. It's a little all-vegan, all-organic smoothie and juice bar in East Memphis. It's been open for over a year, and I hate to admit that I've only been there a handful of times. They serve the BEST smoothies in town, but up until very recently, the shop closed very early each day.

Since I live in Midtown and work downtown, both about 20 to 25 minutes away from Cosmic Coconut, it didn't make sense for me to lunch there. And it was always closed by the time I left the office for the day. But Cosmic Coconut recently expanded their hours, and they're now staying open until 8:30 p.m.!

That makes me happy. But what makes me even happier is Cosmic Coconut's addition of hot food items. Before, they mostly served smoothies and fresh juices, as well as grab-and-go items like raw kale chips, raw coconut cookies, and hummus wraps. But they've introduced daily lunch specials and an available-anytime vegan grilled cheese!

The lunch specials are still offered at dinnertime if there's any food left. But it's best to call first to verify. Each day has a theme (like Tempeh Tuesday and Souper Sunday). I stopped in on Friday (Burger & Friesday) to try Cosmic Coconut's homemade Black Bean Burger:

It was served with Sweet Potatoes with Onions and Herbs:

The lady at the counter informed me that the fries didn't work out, so they had mashed sweet potatoes instead. And that was fine by me! These savory taters tasted just like fall, which seemed appropriate since this weekend was the equinox.

The burger was amazing! It had quinoa and black beans, but I couldn't tell what else. It was stuffed inside a sprouted grain bun and topped with avocado, Daiya pepperjack, tomato and onions.

To learn more about Cosmic Coconut's new menu, check out their Facebook page.


Rachel from The Vegan Mishmash said...

That sandwich looks sooo good. It's making me hungrier than I already am!

Des said...

That sandwich needs to be in my belly.

tender b. said...

I wonder why the fries didn't work out? Very good looking veggie burger.