Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Halva Toast

First some Crunk news:
  • Blogger friend Erin of The Vegan Weight Watcher is raffling off some AMAZING vegan prizes to raise money for Team ASPCA (that's the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in case you didn't know). Erin will be running the Rock 'n' Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon with Team ASPCA in October, so she's raffling cool stuff as part of her fund-raising efforts. She's raffling a copy of Cookin' Crunk, as well as other really cool stuff like a freakin' Vitamix, two tickets to Disney theme parks, a box of 24 Go Max Go candy bars, and much, much more. So get over there and buy a raffle ticket! 
  • Fellow Memphis blogger Melissa of Treats with a Twist is giving away a copy of Cookin' Crunk. Click here to enter. She'll pick a winner on Friday.
And now let's talk halva toast! Full disclosure: I've never tried halva. For shame, I know. My BFF Sheridan swears it's the best thing in the world, and I know many brands of halva are vegan. So I'm not sure what I'm waiting for. 

But let's back up a bit. A few weeks ago, I received a sample of Golden Millstone Sesame Butter:

It was a teensy little jar, so it wasn't enough to make hummus. Plus, I figured I'd have a better review if I enjoyed this as simply as possible. So I made Halva Toast:

This may not be anything like halva, but I figure it has to be close since halva is typically made with tahini and some kind of sweetener. I spread a little tahini on some whole wheat toast and drizzled it with Bee-Free Honee (agave would work too). Voila! This was delicious. Like a healthy dessert for breakfast.

Now let's talk about that Golden Millstone Sesame Butter. It was richer than most sesame butters I've tasted. The sesame flavors were more pronounced. It was more liquid-y than some brands, but that made my toast seem all the more like dessert because I had to eat it with a fork. I'd love to try this stuff in a batch of homemade hummus.


    xvavaveganx said...

    Oooh that toast sounds so good! My mom LOVES halva, it's one of her favorite treats. That toast is a great idea :) I still need to get some bee free honee!

    Babette said...

    That looks good for breakfast.

    BTW I just got your book in the mail today. Yay! Can't wait to sit down, read it and pick a recipe to try.

    Erin said...

    Thank you thank you for sharing my raffle link! Also, tahini with faux-honey sounds awesome.

    foodfeud said...

    Oh wow that looks incredible! Nice and melty. I love halva too.

    tender b. said...

    Wow...those toasts look really amazing.